8 Top Ways to Drive Traffic to Affiliate Marketing Website


If you own an affiliate marketing website where you list affiliate programs, you obviously want more clickthroughs and even more sales for your promoted products. This will help you get more commissions and hence more income regularly. However, this will only occur if you have steady flow of traffic coming into your affiliate marketing site. So you must promote your website in order to get visitors… Here are the best ways to ensure more traffic volumes to your affiliate marketing site:

1. Article marketing:

There are many benefits to an article marketing campaign. The first one is that it is free of cost. You can write all the articles by yourself and once the articles are completed, simply submit them to the article directories. Most article submission directories are free of cost and also include a resource box at the end. In this box you can place a URL back to your own affiliate marketing site. Thus, when viewers like the article they will click back to your site, thereby generating traffic. You will also gain backlinks for your website that will result your website’s higher authority on search engines. The best thing: you can use such services as Isnare and blast your article to hundreds of article directories automatically instead of submitting them one by one. This way you will experience a real power of the article marketing!

2. Forum marketing:

This is another tried and tested method to drive amounts of traffic into your site. You can simply participate in forums and leave a useful comment in the forum posts. Then include the URL to your affiliate marketing site, as a signature at the bottom of your post. If your comment is useful, the interested readers will click back to your affiliate marketing site to see what your business is all about.

3. Social marketing:

This has been the latest marketing buzzword in recent times. The way social marketing works is that you post a link back to your affiliate marketing site on social media sites such as Delicious. Then users click to your site and if they like what they see they will refer your site to millions of others. Thus, this is an exponential positive effect when it comes to driving traffic to your affiliate website.

4. Blogging

Blogs are more than a way to express your personal life. There are various blogging platforms to startup a blog site for free – one of them is WordPress. Once done, simply discuss the subject your affiliate marketing is about. Then include a link back to your main site. Blogs and all posts on them are viral, so when you write quality content you will gain backlinks and visitors. This can get you loads of traffic.

5. Exchange links with related website owners

You can contact owners of related websites and ask them to exchange links. Some of the owners will ask you to exchange links with your for a certain amount or money, some of them will exchange links freely. Just make sure you find good and related link partners. Quality links will definitely increase not only your websites number of visitors, but also – your website’s search engine ranking.

6. Press releases

You can write press releases if there is a new announcement about your affiliate company. This generates a buzz and gets you lots of attention as well as traffic. This can get you a lot of quality backlinks from authority websites.

7. Run a Newsletter

You can also write newsletters and get more people to opt-in. This way, your customer base increases and you start receiving more click throughs into your affiliate site! When customer visits your website – don’t let him away. Just ask for his/her e-mail address and offer to signup on your mailing list. When you build a mailing list, you will have a huge potential list of customers interested to hear about new affiliate programs and products all the time! This way you can not only increase your websites number of visitors, but also – sales.

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