A Free WordPress blog V/S a self hosted WordPress blog


WordPress is such a huge platform that myths and questions always surrounded this community. One question that haunts every WordPress lover is whether to start a free WordPress blog or hosting your own WordPress blog? You must be confused that what are the difference between these two, further is the explanation

Obtaining a Free WordPress blog is a cake walk as you just need to sign up in WordPress.com and you are ready to start your own blog, whereas a self hosted WordPress blog would be installed on domain of your website and you can manage your blogs using this WordPress software.

Lets look at the pros and cons of both of these platforms:


Advantages :

1.No setup cost as this platform is free.

2.No maintenance cost as WordPress regularly upgrades the security, backups and fixes bug in the software.

3.If the blog is hosted on WordPress.org, it becomes a part of WordPress community which can lead to increase in traffic.

Disadvantages :

1.You can’t upload any other plugins other than WordPress own plugins.

2.Wordpress.com posts ads on all their free websites and if you want that your users don’t have to go through such ads you have to pay for it.

3.You cannot upload your own custom themes on a free WordPress blog.



1.You can upload your custom themes and third party themes for your blogs. Customized themes give your blog a different look and feel altogether.

2.Large numbers of plugins from developers around the globe.

3.You have full control on your website. WordPress.org gives you full control to manage your website and even when you violate any terms and conditions your website won’t shut down.

4.You can monetize your blog and website by placing ads and adsense.


1.To start your website one has to purchase domain name and hosting that costs a nominal fee.

2.You have to maintain your blog unlike in WordPress.com which includes spam control, security and backup on regular basis.

3.You have to update the blog and software yourself but that is not a tedious task.

In our opinion, if you want to monetize your blog and want to earn money from it then self hosted WordPress blog is the right platform for you but if you want to increase your traffic and recognition in the WordPress community free WordPress blog will better suits your needs.
These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both the platforms to create your own WordPress blog, Now it is up to you which platforms will better suits your requirements and needs.

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