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If you are looking for a way to start making money as be an affiliate on the internet, but you have tight or zero budget, blogging is a great way to get start.

Blogging has become very popular lately. For one thing, it is free. For another, you do not need to have any technical skills what so ever to get the site up. If you can read and write, then you can blog.

What is a blog then? A blog is a simple web page that anyone can set up in minutes. People use them as journals, diaries and sales pages. It is about everyone can blogging about something.

Blogs are also one of the most robust promotional tools for affiliates. Affiliate marketers can use it as monetization weapons to make money by promoting affiliate products on their own blog.

You may ask – there are millions of bloggers out there, the competition is so high already, and how can you make money just by blogging? Well, if you notice, you will find that most of bloggers are not ‘blogging for commissions’. Those who are doing are normally marketers, among them, many simply do not know what they are doing, or are treading the ‘dangerous’ path by putting up ‘spam blogs’ that have no shelf lives.

If you want an ever-growing profitable blog that is sustainable for the long-term, do not take risks and using those ‘black hat’ tricks. Use the ‘white hat’ and correct approach is important.

Following are some of my advices toward to how to get your affiliate blog up in the right way.

The first thing you need to do is to list down the topics or niche that interested you, pick something you at least know bit about or you are an expert on, and then start to write things with keywords included.

Don’t worry about how and what to write because as far as you go, you will learn lots of new things, so from the time being, just practice and write something from what you know and interested instead of writing the things you do not know.

Secondly, make a list of good paying and high converting affiliate programs in your chosen topic or niche and sign up with them as an affiliate. Collect all the marketing materials and organize them in one convenient folder. Such as articles, text links, banner ads, classified ads and so forth that you can use on your blog later.

After you done these above, it is time to set up your blog. You will find there are countless places online are offering blog free. If you have a website, set up a blog on your site is easy, just checks with your web host provider to see what blogging software they included with your hosting account. Then upload it to your site.

If you do not have a website, as I know, there are many successful bloggers do not have, you can set up your blog through a site such as Blogger.com or WordPress.org.

If you are using Blogger.com, for example, put your main keyword into the domain that you have selected from the niche you interested, as well as in the title.

Now comes to the content part, there are many ways to get content to your blog, such as use free reprint articles, private label products and writing your own.

Personally, I prefer the last method – writing your own content, because the essential of a blog is to expressing your own opinion, share your knowledge with others and make good profits of doing it. Therefore, the simplest way to do it is “write like you talk”. When you write, do not forget to put keywords into the content, you need to include them in both of your post title and article body for to get good rankings. Once you start, do it at a fixed schedule based, like post-new content in every two days.

Finally, you need to promote your blog to let the world know it exist, do not just created it and let it sit there do nothing, it will not get you to anywhere.

To promote your new blog, you can use pay-per-click advertising method, submit it to the main search engines, directories or link it to another indexed website and so on. Be patient, it will take some time to see the results and build up your readership, but the best thing is you have already created a brand new ‘affiliate blog’ that you can monetize easily.

Remember, if your posts are good and it is focused on your target market, make a tons of autopilot affiliate commissions just the matter of time.

Ann Liu, internet marketer and author of “Online Profiting: Easy Ways To Start and Build Your Own Online Business”. To learn how YOU too can succeed in Internet and affiliate marketing, please visit http://Marketingbyann.com

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