Affiliate Network – Avoid Rookie Mistakes


Great, you have joined an affiliate network, and you are ready to do whatever it takes to make enough money to quit your nine to five job. You have carefully selected which products you would like to promote, and now you are going to put them all over the Internet so that people will buy them and you can earn your commission. All you have to do is sit back and wait for you payment to arrive. Sounds good, right?

Well, before you hand your two weeks notice in to your current employer, read what I have written below. These are five of the most common mistakes made today by affiliate marketers. Make sure that you do not fall into these same errors.

1. Getting drawn in by the income potential.

Each affiliate programs will make it clear to you how much money can be make. Is it possible to make the kind of money which is being alleged? Of course it is. Should you expect to see this kind of money in your first month or two? Of course not. Realize that online business is like an investment in your financial future. There is not future in overnight wealth schemes, because they are a mirage, and do not exist. What you need, is to have confidence in yourself. If you want to become a highly successful affiliate, you will become a highly successful affiliate. However, do not set your expectations on a claim that you will be earning six figures per month in the next sixty days. This will not happen.

2. In order to earn money, you have to work.

You will not be able to sit on a beach and sip margaritas while your online business constantly refills your bank account with Internet money. Just think if you were to open a traditional brick and mortar business. What would you need to do? Well, assuming that you are ready for business, you will first need to alert the market that your business exists. Hence, you will need to advertise. Then, once you have customers, you need to service these customers in order to generate an income. In this sense, affiliate marketing is exactly the same. You are opening a brand spanking new online business. How are you going to let people know that your business exists? You are going to have to market. This is why it is called “affiliate marketing”.

3. Lack of a plan and specific goals.

It is amazing how many people in business, not just affiliate network marketing, but in general business fail to plan and set goals. You absolutely must know what it is that you are working so hard for every day, and what steps you need to take to make it yours. Much of the time, affiliates know that they want to make a lot money very quickly, and that is it. They do not know specifically how much money they want to earn per month, and exactly when they want to be earning this income by. Often times if they do set a specific dollar amount and time period, it is extremely overzealous. This will lead to great disappointment, and a belief within the individual that they have somehow failed. Rather, you need to set attainable goals, and determine a specific plan of action to obtain these goals.

4. Using the same sales page that every other affiliate is using as your primary advertisement.

When you join an affiliate network, you have a choice of hundreds of affiliate programs to promote. When you choose an affiliate program, a link is generated which is unique to your account, and tracks the sales which are made at the main sales page via your link. Every sale of this product will be made at this same web page. Thus, you need to be different from the other affiliates out there. You need to create your own website or blog. Do not worry, you can do this easily with either Joomla! or WordPress. On your website or blog is where you will advertise your affiliate link. This will give you the ability to provide your visitors with information about the subject matter to which the product pertains, and allows you to show the reader what is in it for them in the purchase the product which your promoting.

5. Quitting

Perhaps a few months have gone by and you are not making the type of money that you had hoped for. Maybe this has lead you to question whether you will ever make any money with an affiliate network. If this sounds like you, rather than give up, you need to figure out what to do to improve on your efforts. It is never time to give up. Thomas Edison did not invent the incandescent light bulb by giving up. Rather, it took him over 10,000 tries, and he did it. The point is that great success is not achieved by those who give up. Believe in what you are doing, and learn how to do it better.

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