Affiliate Programs – Getting The Most From Your Website


Affiliate programs are a great way to create a residual online income. With that being said, many affiliates do not understand the importance of a website which they can call their own. The fact of the matter is that you no longer need to rely on others to create a design and develop a website for you. With the birth of Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla! and WordPress, you need know nothing about website coding to create your own website. Your website will be what drives your affiliate business. Thus, I am going to share with you some facts as to what will make your website successful.

1. Keep It Simple

Have you ever visited a website which has given you a feeling of being overwhelmed? The website is so busy that you do not know where to begin. Most visitors encountered with such a situation hit the red “X” in the right hand corner of their screen and exit. Thus, when promoting your affiliate programs on your website, remember to keep things simple and clean. Do not dedicate time to explaining to the reader why your offer is so great. Rather, the focus must be on the reader. You have to convey in a basic, straightforward manner, what the benefits are for them should they take advantage of your offer. Bullet points with a slightly larger than average font tend to work well in such situations.

2. Do Not Cram Your Pages

Just remember that when it comes to your website, you can add all of the pages that you want. Therefore, there is no need to try and fit everything on one page. Rather than using one page to promote three different offers, give each offer its own page. If you wish to refer to another related offer, simply add a link. If you are worried about blank space, fill it with a related image or video. The more simple you keep your page, the more appealing it will be to your visitors.

3. Allow Visitors To Share Your Web Pages

Do you know what it means to go viral. Essentially, if you write a review on an affiliate product which you are promoting, and two people, email it to two people, then those two people email it to four people and so on, your product review has gone viral. However, unless you give your reader an option to email your product review, it is unlikely that it will go viral. Take advantage of the options which you have with CMS platforms such as Joomla! which give you this option.

4. Give Your Visitors Some Direction

Here is where you tell your visitor what action they are expected to take. Think of it as a friendly suggestion. For example, I am sure that you have been on a website which you have seen a link which states, “Read More” or a button which states, “Buy Now”. Such conveyances simply tell the visitor what they are expected to do next.

5. Adding A Blog To Your Website is Essential

A blog on your website serves more than one purpose. First of all, you want your visitors to get to know you. A great way to do this is to keep a regularly updated blog. Keep in mind that people are more apt to purchase products and services from someone who they feel as though they know. Secondly, the search engines like to see regularly updated content which is relevant to your niche market. A blog provides the search engines with just that. This updated content factors in on your rankings in the search engines.

With all of this being said, never lose sight of the end goal which is to get the offers of your affiliate programs in front of your target market. Your website plays a critical role in your being able to do this effectively.

Take full advantage of the Affiliate Programs by branding yourself and your business with social media. Take it a step further by joining an Affiliate Network and promoting products relevant to your target. This is how you will dominate your niche market