Affiliate Programs – Making Your Website a Valuable Tool


Affiliate programs are a great way to create a residual online income. With that being said, many affiliates do not understand the importance of a website which they can call their own. The fact of the matter is that you no longer need to rely on others to create a design and develop a website for you. With the birth of Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla! and WordPress, you need know nothing about website coding to create your own website. Your website will be what drives your affiliate business. Thus, I am going to share with you some facts as to what will make your website successful.

1. Do Not Make Things Complicated

Websites are great because you can fit a lot of information on each page. However, for purposes of affiliate programs, too much information is a detriment. It is easy to understand that if an individual is really excited about an offer, they might want to convey all of the features on an offer on their website’s home page. However, you must realize that your reader does not yet share your enthusiasm. Therefore, your initial job is to get them excited about your offer. You will do this by succinctly telling them exactly how your offers will directly benefit them. In other words, take the focus off of the offer itself, and put it squarely on the reader.

2. Do Not Cram Your Pages

The good news is that it costs you no more to create additional webpages for your website. Therefore, you need to keep your visitors from experiencing information overload by limiting the amount of information which you include on each page. Keep in mind that when individuals are sitting at their computer and looking at a computer monitor, their attention span is short. Thus, if they are flooding with a lot of information which they cannot easily disseminate, they are likely to close the page. Thus, it is important to add images to your web pages, use less content on each page, and create more pages.

3. Provide Visitors With The Tools To Tell Their Friends

Have you ever heard of viral marketing? Viral marketing can put your affiliate business on a whole different level. This occurs when word of your offer multiplies throughout the internet by one person telling four people, four people telling three people, and twelve people telling six people, etc. Of course, those numbers are arbitrary and for illustrative purposes. However, my point is that you need to provide your visitors with a mechanism to email your page to their friends directly from your website. Both Joomla! and WordPress have a mechanism built in which allow a reader to email your webpage to their friends directly from your website. Thus, had you written a stellar product review for an affiliate product which you are promoting, viewers of this review to email it to their friends directly to their friends.

4. Give Then A “Call To Action”

This where you make it clear to your visitors what is expected of them so long as they are on your website. Essentially, you are steering your visitors in the direction which you want them to take. This might be something as simple as a “Buy Now”, “Email To a Friend” or a “Learn More”.

5. Make Sure That Your Website Has a Blog

The key to your website’s blog is that it is updated regularly. Utilize your blog to allow your visitors to get to know you. Furthermore, give them information which is valuable to your niche market. Such steps will enable you to gain the trust of your visitors, while also establishing a growing readership. Over time, your readers will feel as though they know you. This is important as people tend to prefer to buy from those who they know. Furthermore, the search engines value frequently updated content, and tend to rank websites which update their content frequently more prominently.

With all of this being said, never lose sight of the end goal which is to get the offers of your affiliate programs in front of your target market. Your website plays a critical role in your being able to do this effectively.

Make the best of Affiliate Programs by becoming well known in the social media scene . Take it a step further by joining an Affiliate Network and promoting products relevant to your target. Taking these steps will put you in the driver’s seat in your target market

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