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Internet Marketing Expert Mark Ling has just launched a new product called AffiloJetpack and it is now live. I am about to show you a system that’s guaranteed to make you some cash for real. I am not certain if you’ve heard of Mark Ling, he is one of the internet top Affiliate Marketing Expert and he has just launched a new product called AffiloJetpack.

Mark has been helping individuals (me included) around the world make cash on the internet for years with items like AffiloBlueprint and Affilorama Premium. Mark is the reason why I got into the affiliate advertising company. I’m a former AffiloBlueprint student and thanks to Mark, I’m now producing good cash on the internet based on the info I learned from Mark Ling. When I very first heard about AffiloJetpack, I knew this would be another great item from Mark and his group.

The AffiloJetpack system was developed by Mark and his group and they spent more than seven months creating this program. 1 of the things I like about Mark Ling and his team is that they make certain that any product they produce delivers on the promises they make. The AffiloJetpack program is designed to assist anybody that has struggled with designing best quality websites that yields huge results.

Here is an overview of AffiloJetpack and you’ll see for your self why this new program will be the system of choice for anybody that wants to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer.

The challenge most Affiliate Marketers face when trying to start an online niche business is figuring out what niche to promote. With AffiloJetpack that part of the equations is handed to you on a silver platter. Trying to find the right niche to target could take weeks or months to figure out. You could spend weeks and weeks researching and comparing 1 niche product against an additional to see which one will have the greatest chance of producing you some cash online.

With the new AffiloJetpack program, you get a choice of 5 out of 10 niches chosen by Mark and his group. These niches have been chosen because they offer excellent potential for affiliates, and because they team has found that a great deal of new affiliates spend a great deal of time agonizing over which niche to go into.

With AffiloJetpack you also get 80 top-quality newsletters per niche, organized into a 1-year follow up sequence. These include hard-sells emails which are some of the much more difficult emails to compose should you had to do them your self. These emails aren’t some rehashed PLR crap that most affiliate programs give you.

The AffiloJetpack 80-part auto responder series could be plug into a service like Aweber and use to begin collecting email addresses and building a relationship with individuals who sign up.

I thought getting the WordPress theme was great, but you also get one other valuable tool with AffiloJetpack that makes designing a website so much easier. AffiloJetpack gives you an image up loader so that you don’t have to try and figure out how to get your image header onto your website.

No more messing around with FTPs to upload a picture then trying to figure out the exact measurements of the header. I have spent countless hours trying to find the right picture, find the right fonts, find the right colors, and the right picture to use on my headers. This only makes AffiloJetpack worth the price.

With AffiloJetpack you also get free hosting with what they’ve called “Incubator Hosting”. I know from experience that it can take quite a few steps to install WordPress and a great theme on a hosting provider. Each step is something that can go wrong. So I really think a lot of newbie’s are going to appreciate this one-click setup.

On top of all this comes the content: AffiloJetpack gives you twenty articles of very high quality that you can either just plug into the site as-is, or re-word to get full SEO benefit.
Last but not least, AffiloJetpack also gives you top quality training like how to generate traffic to your site from Mark and his team. As you can see, AffiloJetpack gives you everything you need to be successful online.

I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to be successful online.

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