An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing


With the dawn of the internet age becoming so popular on a worldwide scale, many new changes have been introduced to the way we live and work. Devices like smart phones these days can give us constant and complete internet connectivity. It has come to the point that I feel like I can go anywhere and accomplish anything as long as I have my smart phone with me… and it is charged. Without my phone it seems like time is almost standing still and I have to do things the old fashioned way, by actually talking to people and asking for help.

Businesses are greatly affected by this change in communication technology and wealth of information availability. Particularly, the publishing and broadcasting industries have been greatly affected. Many print newspapers are going out of business as people get their information online and even books are being made increasingly more available as eBooks, thanks in part to the popularity of devices like the Amazon Kindle and the iPad. Never before in human history has such an enormous change been effected in so little time. Surely there must be an opportunity to capitalize on this technology as it is still in it’s infancy.

With the start of Google Adsense I found my first way to make money online. I would set up websites that would attract visitors by focusing on a single topic and offering specialized information on it. I would then place Adsense ads on the site and when visitors clicked on the ads, I could receive a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a more direct approach and I can make bigger commissions as a result. With affiliate marketing you link straight to a vendor’s site using embedded HTML ‘code’ provided by the vendor. Clicks by visitors are tracked by the vendors’ system so you get paid on the customers you introduce. Its not all that complicated, but is does take some technical skill to get affiliate marketing done correctly.

The original eCommerce websites were set up by companies or people selling their own products. In order to do this though you need to set up an order taking and payment system. In the beginning this was such a big task, I tried it but it took me too much time. This has become much easier now due partly to the enhanced capability or PayPal.

Blog creating software like WordPress, which is now a powerful content management system on its own, make it easy to create information websites. There are many plug-ins available that can greatly increase the functionality of the site, including adding order taking and payment features. For more robust websites, content management systems like Joomla! or Drupal are also nice tools with many feature rich plug-ins, but these take a bit longer to learn. For larger websites though it is worth taking the time to learn these. You can use any or all of these to set up your affiliate marketing programs depending on your need.

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