Arbitrage Conspiracy – Simple Steps To Success In CPA Affiliate Marketing


Arbitrage conspiracy: CPA marketing, what is it??

If you participate in online forums or receive emails from internet marketers, then you probably are aware of the buzz within the online community about CPA affiliate business, CPA networks and the insane amounts of money CPA affiliates are earning.

Some of the stories are true, and many are ‘half-truths’ and in many cases outright lies. However, before getting in to the pros and cons, let me clear up the mist on CPA marketing

CPA marketing: Its called Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action marketing. Which means affiliate earn commission when they drive traffic to an advertisers offer page and the traffic or prospects take the required action when they get there.

This could be to fill a one-page form, request a free trial for a product/service, submit their email address, zip code/post code etc. Because these actions are relatively easy to carry out, skilled affiliates can get many people to take action on numerous CPA offers daily, hence the huge commissions.

Nonetheless, not all marketers earn huge commissions; many only just get by with average earnings regardless of the huge income opportunity that CPA marketing offers.

CPA Marketing Relationship: It is important to know the parties involved in a CPA marketing relationship. There are 3 parties involved in the online CPA marketing relationship and they play specific roles.

The Advertiser: These companies want their offers promoted by affiliates. They might be interested in generating leads or simply selling more of their products.

CPA Networks: These are the middlemen in the relationship, they gather offers from different companies (some well-known brands), package these offers on their platform and promote the offers to affiliates who have applied and successfully joined their network.

The advertisers pay all commission earned to the CPA networks, who in turn pay their affiliates and take their percentage.

Affiliates: These are mostly entrepreneurs who know how to marketing online and are skilled at driving quality traffic to offers to sell products or solicit action from the traffic they generate in order to earn a commission. The affiliate is the most important person in the relationship.

Where CPA Marketing is going? The CPA marketing concept has always been with us, but somewhat under the raider. More people are aware of it now, than ever before.

Many of my CPA marketing colleagues and I share the belief – that many affiliate marketers would start looking to other offline marketing opportunities to add to their revenue streams.

Knowing that their skills are in high demand, they’ll soon start helping (offline) small businesses attract customers and earn 100% of the commission, while cutting off the middleman (CPA networks)

The skills required to succeed as a CPA/affiliate marketer:

1. Ability to build simple webpages and use HTML editors

2. Some copywriting knowledge would be extremely helpful on the long run

3. Knowing how to create Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns is a MUST

4. Understanding several ways of traffic generation is essential (that what the business is all about)

Why You Should Consider the NEW Arbitrage Conspiracy Program:

If you’re running campaigns online or offline, you need to know how to establish marketing leverage. You need to have a marketing system, which you can replicate and use on different offers you are promoting – whether offline or online.

Arbitrage conspiracy isn’t just another program about how to join affiliate networks and promote CPA offers. Its a full system that trains you on how to be a master of arbitrage, and every business person should own this skill in order to earned big money in any business.

Who the program is NOT for

I’ll be upfront and tell you Arbitrage conspiracy is actually not a program for everyone. If you’re a total newbie, this definitely is not the course for you; and if you fall into the following category I’ll advise that you save your money and NOT buy this course

1.) You already have 2 other programs you’re trying to figure your way around and want a 3rd or 4th to study as well (this course is for implementing not to be left on a bookshelf plying dust)

2.) You’ve got a tight budget and wouldn’t have a few hundred bucks to run some advertising after you purchase your program

3.) You’re still in the habit of jumping from program to the next newly launched program and the next and the next (this never gets things done) .

4.) If you don’t have the basic internet marketing skills; for instance, setting up your email autoresponder series, creating simple HTML websites or WordPress blogs and you can’t afford to outsource that aspect of our business (you’re better of investing in something that would teach the preliminary skills before considering Arbitrage Conspiracy).

Guys and gals who this is for

You would benefit the most from Arbitrage conspiracy if:

1.) None of the stumbling blocks above can deter you

2.) You’re serious about putting in the effort and focus required to be a master at arbitrage (creating profit opportunities).

3.) You intend to build a solid long term business online (or offline, if you so desire)

To learn more about Arbitrage Conspiracy . stop by my site register your email and grab a FREE copy of the just released “Lazy Internet Millionaire Scandal Exposed!” Arbitrage Conspiracy

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