Blogger Or WordPress For Business


If you are an avid internet user, then you are, most probably, familiar with the different services and features of the World Wide Web. One of the current and widely used features of the internet is blogs. The blogs are the short term for “web logs” that contains entries from the users. The contents vary from descriptions, narratives, images and videos. The user maintains the blogs which can be a website or part of the website. A lot of people maintain their own blogs that serve as online journals and even as a tool for their flourishing business.

Blogs interest people because of their content. Internet marketers see this as an opportunity and exploit it by using blogs to advertise their products. Another good thing about blogs is that its maintenance cost is very low or you can even get it for free. All you have to do is to write the content. If you don’t like writing you can even outsource writing jobs for a cheap cost. Two of the most popular blog services on the net are Blogger and WordPress. There are some slight differences but both allow writing blogs and publishing them on the internet.

Blogger Blogger is a blog service that is owned by Google. It has some very useful features that you can utilize for you business and at the same time, it’s compatible with most of Google services. Many people are using this service for both personal and business use. There is also a lot of plug-ins that you can use with Blogger which can give you additional features with your blog.

Google is such a huge site and gets the biggest fraction of search traffic. You can purchase a domain through them for as low as $ 10 a year. The advantage of having your own domain is you’ll have your blog under any name you want, if it’s still not taken. If you setup your account with Blogger, you site link with have a extension on it. If you’re in business, it would be better to purchase your own domain as this is more credible than setting up free blog accounts.

WordPress If you are not interested and care less on the add-ons that Google can provide, then WordPress blog is a right tool that you should use in your business blog. WordPress is an open source software and is constantly updated by its creators. The different facets of a WordPress blog are quite simple and basic. WordPress prides itself as easy to install and use. If you choose to purchase a domain name, WordPress can help you in setting up your site through recommending various hosting services and templates that will guide you on how your site will look like.

WordPress offers a variety of web development options and features. You can also use add-ons that allows for more advance features. There are a lot of web programmers constantly creating add-ons for WordPress sites, and some of these are made available for free on the internet. Since it has more options, sometimes it also gets more confusing to use. Overall, you might have to spend a little more time to understand WordPress features, but the options you can do right after, makes your effort all worth it.

WordPress and Blogger are the two mostly used blog services on the internet. Knowing their advantages and disadvantages, you can choose whichever service best suits your needs. Beginners tend to use Blogger more as it’s easier to use while people who wants more flexibility and options utilize WordPress.

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