Blogging Tips For Network Marketing Bloggers


If you are a professional network marketer in the 21st century then you need to have your own blog. By not having your own blog you will be fighting a losing battle against the fast moving technology of the internet.

To stand a winning chance, a network marketer must start a blog, but not just any blog, a proper blog that is presentable, easy to navigate, and one that provides heaps of value. To begin with, you must use a self-hosted wordpress blog and host it on your own hosting space. You can get cheap hosting in places like Hostgator.

Next, you need to register your own domain name. A domain name like John Smith or Jackson Williams DOT COM is a good way to get started because in network marketing, you are marketing YOURSELF. Not just your network marketing company.

You dont need a website that talks like an Amway encyclopedia because Wikipedia or their MAIN Amway website has it covered. You dont need to create another info site about it but you should create a blog that sells you as a marketer. That is the first and most important tip for any network marketing blogger.

Be prepared to post at least 3 articles per week. You do not need to post long essays like you had to write when you attended grade school. However, people who are online want fast information in an instant, just like 2 minute noodles. So short posts are best and if you spread out your long stories over short posts, it will create a good habit and keep your blog reader and subscribers coming back for more on a regular basis.

Select a good blog theme, that allows your reader to easily scrolling and navigation is a must. A good tip to keep in mind is selecting a blog theme that has the sidebar on the right of the theme. This is very necessary as Google scans blogs and their content from left to right. Do you need another reason?

Did you know that all blog posts are all indexed separately? And that collectively, it is possible that each of your blog posts can get more traffic than the home page? If you have your side bar on the left, Google will end up read the SAME content in the sidebar over and over again as it scans from left to right. Having duplicate content is bad news.

In closing, if you are not a good writer, then you always have the option of outsourcing your blog updates to a ghostwriter or ghost blogger or you can resort to using pictures, videos, podcasts or other types of media to convey your message. Do not be in a state of paralysis by analysis. Just get into action and get started.

Simon Smith has been posting to his blog to brand and promote himself as a professional MLM’er for over 3 years. For a easy answer to how often should I post to my blog and other blogging tips be sure to visit his successful online network marketers blog

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