Clickbank Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Tips To Market Clickbank Products


I was struggling hard to make real money from affiliate marketing, back in early 2007. It doesn’t mean I was lazy. In fact, I’ve been trying for months, but still couldn’t make a single cent in profit. I only earn my first affiliate check after a year.

When I think about it today, making sales with Clickbank is actually easy once you get the right knowledge. The reason why it is impossible for beginners to earn money with Clickbank is due to lots of misleading information, whether free or paid ones.

New to Clickbank? These tips will help you:

1. Start as an affiliate, and not a merchant. No matter what other guides said, being an affiliate is the first thing you should do. You can test one market, grow mailing list, learn basics of internet marketing like pay-per-click or search engine optimization and understand your customers properly.

2. Take and promote only quality product. Newcomers usually don’t know this fact. After buying product which is sold using Clickbank, one customer can easily request refund by contacting Clickbank support ticket. Good news for customers, but not for affiliate since your commission will also be deducted.

3. Start with market that you understand properly. Marketing on the web requires you to compose thousands of articles and content. I know that you have question about which market should you start. Well, think about it this way. If you would like to write an article, what title you choose? That’s the market you should start with.

4. Avoid promoting make money and internet marketing products. Clickbank is my last choice when promoting internet marketing products due to high refund rate, commission theft and tonnes of garbage products. Especially when you are a beginner, you need more experience, with decent amount of list subscribers before jumping into this niche.

5. Search engine traffic should be your only traffic strategy. Forget what other might tell you about promoting on Twitter, MySpace, and even forum marketing. From my experience, traffic from search engine is huge and can easily be converted into sales.

6. Keep it simple. For start, forget lots of technical stuff like blogging, WordPress and HTML. In fact, you can drive free search engine traffic without having your own website. For example, by using article marketing.

7. Avoid information overload. This is the number one killer. People make money on the internet in different ways. Even for Clickbank affiliate marketing alone, there are dozens of variations, like writing product review, article marketing, product launch, mailing list and blogging. For start, don’t get distracted.

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