Compatibility of HostGator and WordPress


HostGator is one of the best webhosting service provides. It was started in 2002 and now hosts more than 5 million domains in its 7000 servers. HostGator works on Linux OS and is highly recommended for everyone looking to hosting services. WordPress is a publishing platform and a blog tool. This is an open source tool which is based on PHP and MySQL. With the help of WordPress users can rearrange and customize their webpage without changing the HTML code.

It is usually a popular misconception that any Linux based hosting and WordPress run websites would work great together because of the Linux platform. But HostGator Linux webhosting platform is an exception as it blends well with WordPress driven websites. Setting up the WordPress website on a HostGator server is fairly easy and doesn’t demand any technical knowhow. Laid down here are the steps with which you can install a WordPress website on a HostGator server.

Selecting the Domain Name

Because HostGator doesn’t offer domain registration, I would recommend you to register your domains with Cheapnames or GoDaddy.

Subscribe to HostGator

Subscribing to HostGator is very easy. All you need to do is visit the website and choose your package. The best prices are available when you subscribe for long term. The three year package gives you the cheapest price. Monthly payment options are also available. Because you are not bound by any contract, unsubscribing to HostGator is also very simple. Discounts can be obtained by using the HostGator coupons, but the renewal rates cannot be discounted.

Set the DNS Configuration

This is a vital step which is like backbone of whole operation. Once you have registered in HostGator, you will receive an email which will contain information about the nameserver addresses among other things. These addresses should be fed into the registrar webpage against the domain name.

Go to HostGator cPanel

Here go to the software or services section. Then click Fantasico De Luxe. Bring the WordPress menu which is present in the second column. Select “new installation “and follow these steps:

a. Install on domain: the domain name displayed
b. Install in directory: leave it blank
c. Administrator user name: enter a name
d. Administrator password: enter a strong password
e. Base configuration: enter some random data in these fields and check how the website uses it. This data can be altered later on.
Then, click on “install WordPress” and let the installation complete. Next, close the dialog box by clicking on “finish installation”. Now, the approval of the WordPress is displayed with the details of login. It highly recommended that you email a copy of this to your inbox.

Logging into WordPress

Finally, you can start designing your website suing WordPress. Select a theme and a layout. Then install the plugins. You can always adjust the WordPress startup to meet your requirements. Many WordPress training videos are available on the internet for help. Therefore, it is clearly evident that WordPress can be installed into a HostGator server very easily without any hassle.

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