Do You Have An Affiliate Marketing System You Are Following?


Some of us work better when we have a system in place we can follow. This is often referred to as a blueprint for success. However, I feel you are better off if you can customize a system for building your affiliate marketing business that works best for you.

Here are a few tips to help you make money online using an affiliate marketing system.

1. Your own domain name and website. I use Go Daddy for domain names and Host Gator for website hosting.

I build all of my sites using the Fantastico Program and WordPress blog themes. Host Gator has this program in the members area.

2. One product per site. This is a good idea today because niche affiliate marketing allows you to compete much quicker than developing larger websites that have more competition.

I personally like to promote affiliate products that I have already used and am happy with. If you’re unsure about finding a product for your niche site join Clickbank and Google Adsense. This will give you digital information products to sell as well is make money with the pay per click business model Google Adsense provides.

3. Build a content site. Search engines love fresh content and the more you add the better your site will rank with them.

You can hire a content writer or find someone to work just for you in many places on the Internet today. Think big. Think in terms of thousands of content pages over the long haul.

Blog articles only need to be 150 to 200 words. The key to making this work is to develop a large keyword list. Then have your writer create one article around each specific keyword you provide them.

4. Join Only Wire. This is a bookmarking service that will bookmark your blog posts once you publish them.

This is a great way to develop backlinks to your blog. Doing this will also help you rank higher with the search engines. You will also begin to develop traffic to your blog.

5. Build backlinks. Blogging is one way to do that, but you should also develop links in other ways. Go to and hire people to get backlinks for you.

Focus on Edu and Gov backlinks. These are a higher-quality backlink and search engines love these.

You can pay $ 5 per project to get them for you. When you hire somebody at pay attention to the rating system and look for people who have positive ratings on previous work they’ve done.

Once you have a profitable affiliate marketing system in place you can branch into a second site. The real key to making a lot of money with affiliate marketing is to get a system set up, and then develop as many websites in multiple niches as you possibly can.

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