Easy Tricks With WordPress For Dummies


Anyone that is looking to start a blog will have many different options as far as how to get their blog onto the internet. One of the most popular choices for a new blogger is WordPress. WordPress for dummies is just like the rest of the series and does an excellent job of explaining the system well enough for virtually anyone to start using it while they are still reading.

There are many different sections of the book and they include how to insert photos, video, or audio, how to customize a blog, how to migrate a blog to WordPress, and how to start a blog. There are other chapters in the book but these listed sections are highlights of some of the top topics. The entire book is outlined so well that if there is a particular issue someone is having with WordPress a quick look at the table of contents will point them to the answer.

Because WordPress has different levels to choose from the chapter on how to start a blog includes differences between the levels and why each level has its benefits. This section discusses the different types of blogs and how the writing style and formatting for each type differs. Trackbacks and RSS feeders are also discussed in good detail to help ensure someone has a firm grasp of what they are.

With the various themes, widgets, and upgrades available to WordPress the how to customize the blog section discusses each one in detail. Many of the blogs a person can look at are similar because folks choose the same type of template or theme for their blogs. There is so much customization available in this system that each user has an opportunity to have a very unique looking blog.

Some people do not add any multimedia to their blogs while others make it almost the focal point of the blog. If you are the type that would like to include multimedia then the book outlines in very simple terms the steps to add any type of file to the blog. WordPress is very user friendly in this way so adding pictures or video to the blog is only a few clicks away.

Those that worry about losing all their previously blogged material at a different site would only need to read the section of the book on migrating from one system to another. In the past someone moving from one system to the next would lose all their data but that is no longer the case. Migrating over to WordPress is very easy and once the migration is complete the user can change to any theme or template.

Although there are many different blogging systems out at this time WordPress is one of the most popular. For anyone looking for an easy to use but very powerful blogging system then WordPress will probably fit the criteria. Reading WordPress for dummies will answer virtually any question someone would have about the system and help ensure their blog is ready to be published in as short a time as possible.

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