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Most blog readers will stop and read if you have good quality content but most of the time, it’s all about visual appeal. On the internet, you only have a short time to capture someone’s attention. People on the internet love to search for new websites. Think about it, why do you stop and check out a website? Obviously, something has caught your eye. Flipping your personal or business blog is a lot easier than you think. Take a look at these 3 easy steps to flip it yourself.

Narrow down the theme of your blog if you write about everything under the sun. Always have a definite niche for your blog. You can determine this by taking a look at what you’ve written about most. For example, you might be writing more book reviews on zombies vs. all the traveling you do. It’s hard for readers to understand the theme of your blog if you have too many ideas going on at once. Select a topic for your blog and run interesting posts related to it.

Get a name and domain for your blog. It’s a good idea for your blog name to match the domain of your site. There are many bloggers who confuse readers by using a completely different blog name vs. the domain. Readers will type the name of your blog into a search engine instead of the domain. Your audience remembers the name they see on your blog banner and the name you sign your blog posts with. Make it easy for readers to find you by having one name.

Learn about the newest trends for blog templates. Give a new look to your blog by updating the template. If you use Blogger or WordPress, check out the new blog templates they supply. There are also many designers who upload free blog templates for use. Just simply do a Google search on “free blog templates”. Get rid of the clutter on your blog and opt for a clean layout. Readers can navigate through your blog if it’s easier on the eyes.

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