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Heycodetech is a programming platform where you can ask any questions related to the programming. We are growing our services and collecting the functionality which is very needed of any web application.

Currently it is applicable for programming language :-
1: Core PHP
2: WordPress
3: Magento
4: Drupal
5: JavaScript
6: Angular script

Now we are growing in other language also .
Let me given example of some services which is already running in website .

1: Generate code of Custom post type.
2: Generate code of shortcode.
3: Generate the google map.
4: Display the social share count.

Now you can use these services and generate the code which is helpful for your programming. Now we are decreasing your programming efforts.

A- Generate code of Custom post type- WordPress:

For using this application, we can create two things –
a)- custom post type
b)- custom post type and Taxonomy both .

You need to put the only :Name: of custom post type and :name: of taxonomy and press the button – Generate custom post type code – and you will receive the code. Just past this code in file – functions.php : and see the admin, you post type have been created .

B- Generate code of shortcode – WordPress:
As we know that shortcode is very useful for our website. So I have created some application which is used in our editor for generating the shortcode.
For using this application, we need to follow some steps –
i)- Shortcode have two types
a)- Predefined
b)- Custom
In predefined shortcode, you will received the available code of shortcode. You need to select the shortcode and press the button, you code have been created.
So you need to placed this code in file – functions.php – as well as placed this shortcode symbol in wordpress editor and it will starts working.

Now one more things that you can use this shortcode symbols in THEME CORE FILES also.

C- Generate code of GOOGLE MAP :

By using this application, you can customize the google map and prepare for a fantastic map code.
I recommended, please use the JS CODE for preview of the GOOGLE MAP.

For using this, you need to put the LONGITUDE and LATTITUDE.
You can also customize the google map
i- Marker – You can add own image in place of default marker.
ii- You can make the marker bouncing or toggle bouncing .
iii- You can put the address on the map.
iv- You can put the Title in bold or without bold.
v- You can increase/decrease the ZOOM LEVEL.
vi- You can customize the height and width .
vii- You can also set the MAP TYPE i.e Road MAP or other.

D- Social share count :

You can see the post results of social share count. Now currently, we are providing the following web services social count.
i- Facebook
ii- Twitter
iii- Google +1
iv- Pinterest
v- Linkedin
Now as per your suggestions, we will increase this services.

Now overall, we want the suggestions from your end so that we can improve it more. Now I will release one more application for writing authority to other user’s also.

Here is my website URL : http://heycodetech.com/
And here is the help email – heycodetech@gmail.com. If you have any query related to this, please share with us. Please write the subject line – Heycodetech users – so that we can take it as a priority.

Heycodetech is a programming platform where you can ask any questions, gives the suggestions as well as create the own blog posts which is proved by the admin.

We will also provide some services which is very helpful in programming.