Home based businesses; Why Become a Super Affiliate


There is one EXTREMELY important factor that will determine your success or failure as an affiliate marketer. That is whether or not the company pays you one time or pays you residual income for a single sale. This is a HUGE factor you must consider before joining any affiliate program.

Some online programs allow you to Join as an “affiliate” by simply allows you to become part of an online business with the soul purpose of driving “traffic” to that particular website. As an affiliate, you will recieve a percentage of the sale every time somone pays to join that site (either as an affiliate, or buying their product or service, or paying a monthly subscription to that site)

On the internet, residual income is basically selling a “subscription service” so that when someone buys the product you get paid UP-FRONT one time, then each month when the person’s subscription renews with the company month after month for as long as the person continues using the service.

Affiliate programs that pay only one-time for a single sale are BAD for your financial health. Think about it…It takes the same energy on your part to promote something that pays you ONLY one time as it does to promote something that pays you EVERY MONTH forever.

So would you rather spend a day to make a sale that you get paid for that and that day only or would you rather spend a day and make a sale that pays you for the rest of your life? ( There is only ONE RIGHT ANSWER to that question.)

You shouldn’t touch an affiliate program with a ten foot pole if it doesn’t pay you residual income, unless you are a hobbiest and don’t care how much you earn from your efforts. Without residual income you will just be leaving too much money on the table.

One of the best thing about online businesses is that they are much easier than offline business opportunities. All that is needed for online businesses is find out where the people are searching for these business opportunities and POSITION yourself in front of them.

No “sales pitch” needed! People are joining these opportunities anyway so all you need to do is setup your marketing so that the people searching for you opportunity will find it through YOUR LINK and not someone elses.

There are many easy ways to do this. I’ll share these with you in future lessons.

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