How Do I Promote My Affiliate Link


Affiliate Marketing if you do not know what it is , or how you can work it succesfully tends to frighten and invoke feelings of confusion. In truth, there is no need for the term to evoke the feelings mentioned above. To promote better understanding of affiliate marketing, find below some ways that you can successfully promote you affiliate link

There are 2 reasons why people join affiliate programs, the first reason being obviously to make money depending on the compensation plan which is on offer. The second reason is maybe you want to save money on a personal purchase. When you join an affiliate program you are given a link which is unique to you, you then promote this link, and if you get a sale the product owner knows that the sale came from you, and then sends your share of the sale.

Find outlined below some ways to promote your affiliate website, you can choose to use 1 or indeed ALL of them. There are pros and cons to using each method, so a little caveat, do your due diligence to find which one best suits your personal circumstance.

1. Promote the URL. This is probably the simplest way to start earning with your affiliate link. As previously stated there are both positives and negatives for every method outlined.The advantage to promoting the link as you receive it is that you can start promoting the link straight away as is, you just copy the URL and you can promote it either online or offline.The disadvantage is that the link which you get is very bulky in appearance; it will include your affiliate ID number which is what differentiates you from all the other affiliates who are selling the same product. It simply does not look natural or professional and it is for this reason that some affiliates choose to take another route.

2. Purchase a domain name and have redirected. To do this, you will have to choose a keyword phrase which relates to the theme of the affiliate product you want to promote. For example if the niche product related to growing cactus trees, you could choose can register a domain name with a domain registration company like Once you have your domain name registered you can then have it redirected to your affiliate URL. You can then promote your new domain name online or offline. Advantage it looks and feels professional and your customer can connect more with your business. Disadvantage, you have to be technically savvy for when problems arise.

3. Build your very own website to promote your affiliate banner. This is the method favoured by most internet marketers.Doing this will require you to register a domain name, Organise web hosting, in days gone by you would have had to build a website, but thanks to development in technology that is not the case anymore, with websites like and WordPress.An advantage to doing it this way is that you are in total control of the entire process from finding the products, and choosing how you market your affiliate link or banner. The advantage of this is that it allows you to establish yourself online in whatever your niche may be, establishing yourself as an authority is a sure way to improve your sales.The major disadvantage is the sheer amount of work that you will be partaking setting things up, but don’t let this discourage you as the results can be life changing.

4. Using Email marketing. This requires you to build your own email, doing this is a smart way to promote an affiliate product. Your list can be your biggest asset when treated properly and correctly.

It is also possible for you to advertise to other people’s list. Whatever you choose to do you can promote your affiliate link via communicating and connecting with on your list, this is the most effective way to get sales.

These are some of the most common ways for you to promote your affiliate link. Using one or more of the methods outlined should see you on your way to making your first sale and beyond. It is a good idea to combine them and see your profits increase.

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