How To Blog – 5 Easy Steps To Setting Up WordPress!


It would seem that everyone today wants to start a blog, and the way most people start is by using a free blogging platform such as ‘Blogger’ or other free blogging services like ‘Typepad’. However, sooner or later you will want to have more control over your blog by having your own domain name and hosting, this will ensure that you blog never gets shut down. One of the best ways to do this is by installing a WordPress blog on your own domain name and this article will show you the five easy steps to setting up WordPress on your own domain.

If you have never done this before it can seem quite complicated but in actual fact it is very easy to do. It can also be confusing by the fact that there are two different sorts of WordPress blogs. is a free blog service much like Google’s blogger, whilst is what we will be using to install our blog on our own domain name. This gives us much more control than we get from using the free services.

Step one: In order to host your own blog the very first things you’ll need are a domain name and a website hosting service. The actual website name would be the web address of your new blog, and if this is going to be a personal blog then it is a good idea to try and use your own name within the site. It’s also smart to keep your website name as well as your hosting accounts with separate companies. This just keeps you a bit more in control although it is no problem for those who have them both with the same company.

Step two: By now you’ll have your domain name pointing to your web hosting account and the first thing you need to do is go into Cpanel. This is the primary dashboard for managing your web hosting account, now scroll down and you will see and icon called Fantastico and click that.

Step three: This will show you all the different scripts that you could set up from this location. From here find WordPress and click on it now.

Step four: This will take you to a very simple install page have a glance at it and if all seems correct click the install now button. You’ll then be asked which directory you will want to install your blog in, for most of us we will install the blog in the root directory, which means that we do not have to enter anything here. On the other hand if you want to install that blog in any other directory then just key in the name of the directory here and your blog will be set up.

Step five: So that is it, your blog is installed on your own hosting account and all you have to do now is log in and choose which theme you want to use for your blog, and what plugins you need to install, but this is the subject of a later article.

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