How To Build A Affiliate Marketing Website


Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable market right now. The money that is being made by regular people is in fact enormous. And, as a result of that, it has become one of the most popular ways to make money on the net. But, how easy it is to make money from this business? Well, not so easy. In fact, those who has manage to succeed, has been working very hard for it. There are actually no short-cut, you really need to start from scratch and learn a lot before you will see any result. If you do that, then this business will give you a huge reward, in terms of money.

Creating your own professional looking website, is one of those task you really need to do. No matter what other people are saying, a nice website is going to make it easier for you to succeed. To create this website, there are a couple of thing that you need to focus on:

1. The design
2. The domain name

The design

To keep it simple, the design of the site has to match the product that you are going to promote. For example: If you are promoting dog food, then a design that shows cats all over the site, would not be a good solution…

The domain name

It has been discussion about how important the domain name is. For me, its one of those thing that I feel is important. Ok, it will cost you some money to buy a domain name, between 5 to 10 dollars a year, but, as I see it, that’s pretty cheap for a unique name of your business site.

To choose a name, I suggest you use a keyword tool. There are free keyword tools that you can use and my favourite is Google keyword tool. Another thing you should do, is to visit Domainsbot. DomainBot will show to you domain suggestions (for free) that is available. Just enter your keyword and they will give you hundreds of domain name suggestions.
To make it easier to understand, this is the step I’m using when picking out a domain:

1. Do I search of the keywords that are relative to the product(s) that you are going to marketing. (use Google keyword tool)
2. Pick out the 5 “most search for” keywords relative for your site
3. Visit DomainsBot (or any other domain suggestion site) and enter the keyword(s) that you got from the keyword search tool. You will get some suggestion of available domain names from this site.
4. Visit Namecheap and buy the domain name that you want.

When you have choosing the domain name, its time to get it hosted. My successions, is to use Hostgator. I’ve used a couple of other hosting services before, but have now changed to Hostgator. The service is superb and very easy to use and I recommend that you start with the “Baby” Packages.

Now, you are almost ready to start building your site. But first, you need to change the name servers for your domain name. You will find these from the place where you bought the domain name. The Name servers (dns) should be pointing to your web hosting account. After you have done that, you are ready to begin building your website.

Building your site will takes some time. But the good thing is that most of the work can be done by using resources available from the net. If you do a search, you will find tools that will generate sites very easy. My favourite tool that I’m using to build sites very fast, is the HyperVre tool, made by Matt Callen. I’ve been using this tool for over a year now and I really love it. With this tool, you can very easily create marvellous sites with just a little bit of work.

There is of course other tool that you can use that is good. Setting up a blog using WordPress is very good alternative. The good thing about WordPress, is that you can find a lot of free templates and plug-in that you can use to build your site.


One of the most important things that your website has to offer, is content. With good content, visitor will enjoy your site and will hopefully return in the future. A good content could be:
* Articles about related subjects
* Product pages


Write articles that are related to the products you are promoting. It could be new product releases, links to other affiliate products (in the same genre) that you are promoting etc. The thing is, make the site interesting to visit. Not just flashing banner all over the site, because you want this site to look professional.

Product pages

You should make a page were you tell the customer about the product. Try to make the site as “banner free” as possible. Instead, tell them useful facts about the product, why the need them etc. If you keep this site simple and professional, then the visitor will hopefully click on the affiliate links that you are providing, and you will make money.

Tips! If you want to know how a professional site looks like, visit some successful online stores. From these sites, you will get some ideas about how your site should look like.

Finally, to be a successful affiliate, you need to build your own website. And when you have built the site, you need to update it regularly with new content so that your visitors come back more than once. If you do all of this thing, then you will probably succeed in this business.

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Patrik Karlsson