How to Design Websites: Three Easy Steps


Website designing used to be a complicated process that only a few highly proficient computer users seem able to understand and do. Nowadays, you can access a lot of tools that will allow you to build your own website even if you have no technical background. The most popular Website designing tool right now is WordPress, a very easy to use blogging platform with a lot of templates and customizable features.

To create your Website, the first thing you need to have is a domain name. But, what is a domain name? A domain name is your Website’s identification in the Internet. If you look at the Web address of a site, the domain name is usually the first set of words following the triple ‘w’. Company emails also have them right after the ampersand.

Choose a domain name that is simple and short. Make your domain name end with ‘.com’ as much as possible. There are other available endings such as ‘.org’ or ‘.net,’ but ‘.com’ is the ending used by most companies and is the easiest to remember. Registration of your domain name will give you an exclusive right to its use for the duration of the registration’s effectivity, which is usually annual or bi-annual. Since the words making up a domain name make no distinction between capital letters and small letters, and there are no spaces in between words, you may insert a dash between the words of your domain name if you feel it would help clarify its meaning.

After choosing your Website’s domain name, your next task is to find a Website host. A Web hosting service enables your Website to be accessible to Internet users. Once your Website has been uploaded into your Web host’s server, anybody who types in your unique Web address would be able to access your Website.

However, not all Web hosts are the same. They vary in the types of services that they offer their clients. You would want to choose a Web host that is reliable and has minimal downtime. You can also inquire about their additional services, such as email for your business, data bases or media streaming services. Some of them may offer a Web content management system as part of their services.

You can also choose the length of time you would be leasing space on the Web host’s server. Typical Web hosting packages range from one to three years. It is a good idea to sign up for a minimum of two years. Internet search engines usually provide higher rankings to Websites that have been present on the Internet for a long time. Higher rankings mean your Website would be more visible in search results, and consequently, increase your chances of getting visitors.

After you have chosen your domain name and your Website host, you can now tackle the actual designing and building of your site. This used to require knowledge of HTML, or hypertext markup language. Now, you can go about designing your Website even if you don’t know HTML. You can do this by using WordPress. With WordPress, you don’t have to design your layout from scratch. You can select a pre-designed theme or you can customize the available templates. All the design choices are accessible through buttons.

Aline Heller writes about computer applications. To learn more on how to design Websites, go to Web Design Mastery. Another resource is Dreamweaver Made Simple.

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