How To Flip Domains With Great Earnings


Domain hosting, like domain registration, doesn’t cost very much. In fact, you can host a domain for as little as $ 10 or less per month if you find the right host. Most people recommend Host Gator but you should do your own homework so that you can find the best host for you. Again, choose one that offers good customer support.

You’ll also want to make sure that the host offers Cpanel. This is a graphic interface that makes managing your websites much easier, even if you’re not very technically proficient. If you don’t know anything about websites, the host’s customer service can usually walk you through most of it, and that’s why you’ll want to choose a host that offers superior customer service in case you get stuck.

You’ll also want to make sure you host your domain on its own account. That’s because hosting a domain on an account with other domains makes it more difficult when you try to sell that account and then transfer it. It’s best to keep everything separate so that the transfer process as is clean and easy as possible. You’ll also want to create a reseller account, which is designed for doing exactly what we’ll be doing: flipping websites for profit.

Ok, so let’s assume your website is now registered, hosted and now all that’s left is the actual building of the website, which is the most fun part of the entire process.

When building your site, you need to keep several things in mind so that you can ensure it retains the most value. These are:

* Uniqueness: The more unique your website is the better.
* Monetization: Your website must be set up to make money, either through affiliate sales, Adsense or Amazon.
* Promotion: Promoting your site means more people will see it and that means more traffic, which equals more money.

As far as what type of site you want to build, there are many to choose from. I’ll go over several types here but you can choose any type you like. Just remember that the more unique your site is, the more people will be willing to spend for it, so really think outside of the box and use your creativity to create the ultimate money making site people will really want to get a hold of.

E-Book Site

An e-book site is a great way to design a site in just a few hours that will fetch a lot of money in the marketplace. You simply create an e-book that solves a problem. It doesn’t have to be an award winning book and it doesn’t even need to be better than all the other e-books out there. It simply needs to provide useful, relevant information that people can use.

A good way to go about this is to write a series of articles that solve a particular problem and then just put those articles together in book form.
Then, create a website that doubles as a sales letter. Create sales copy that describes the benefits of the e-book and why your visitors need to buy it and download it. Remember, use what works. Find other e-books being sold on the internet and copy the format of the sales letters used to sell those books. Then, at the bottom of that sales letter, you simply include a buy button that’s linked to your PayPal account.

What you’re left with is a website that has to do with a valuable niche, that’s monetized by offering an e-book for sale, and that has original, unique content. A website like this can easily fetch a couple hundred dollars in the marketplace and it took you only a few hours to create.

Blog Site

Blog sites are easy to set up and they can be very profitable. You simply set up a WordPress theme, which can be downloaded using Fantastico in your site’s CPanel. For help with this, contact your domain host’s customer support.

There are quite a few free WordPress themes, and some of them are even designed to be optimized for Adsense so they come already monetized. You simply include your Adsense ID# in the theme’s code and you’re ready to go. For help on this, just use Google as there are plenty of free tutorials available. Be careful, however, because some free WordPress themes are to be used for personal use only. For that reason, make sure you read the terms and conditions before using any theme to create your website.

Then, just write 8-10 unique articles that have to do with your niche. Make sure your articles have eye-catching titles and that they offer good, solid information people can use.
It’s always best to create unique articles for your blog. However it is still possible to create and sell a website that is comprised of purely PLR articles if you’re not the best writer. You can also have someone ghostwrite the articles for you, but we’re concentrating mostly on ways to create websites without spending much money.

It doesn’t take much to create an informative article. Just pretend you’re talking to your reader face-to-face and use simple language to get your point across.

Then, monetize your site. You can use the Adsense WordPress themes as already mentioned, you can sell Affiliate products through Clickbank or you can use an Amazon Widget.

Basic Site

If neither of those website designs sounds appealing to you, there’s an even easier way to go about building a unique site that will sell. This is a basic site that’s comprised of two or three pages and can be designed in a matter of a couple of hours … tops.

To begin, create your homepage using a photo and a 500+ word article. You will want to ensure that your homepage has a custom header. This can be done using Photoshop or a similar software program. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can always download a free version of Xheader which will allow you to create a unique, professional looking header at no cost to you.

Then, create additional pages that add to your site’s value. For instance, you can create a books page where you sell Amazon products using an Amazon widget, and you can also include a video page that displays YouTube videos that deal with your niche.

Whichever website type you choose, make sure it looks as though you put time into it. Even if you built your website in two hours, it should look like it took you days or even weeks to build. This can be done by paying attention to every detail and by looking at it as though you just laid eyes on it for the first time.

Now that the site is built, you have two choices. You can either sell it as it is or you can establish the site and then sell it.

Designing a ready working site and then selling it what is known as a turnkey site. This is a site that buyers need only ‘turn the key’ to use. It’s got the content, the scripts, it’s monetized and it’s essentially ready to go. It’s not uncommon to sell a well designed turnkey site for a couple hundred bucks.

However, if you take the time to develop the site, to promote it and get some traffic to the site, you will essentially establish that site and you’ll be able to command much more money for it.

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