How To Launch A Blog


So you want to start blogging but you’re not sure where to begin. Starting a new project is always the hardest step, so once you are finished with what is covered in this article, congratulations, the difficult part is over. There is more to blogging than just putting words down on “paper”. Many important decisions must be made before your first post is even published. Here is a detailed process for launching a blog.

Determine a theme

Most bloggers take one of three approaches. Some bloggers write about whatever they are interested in at the moment. This is considered more of a “web journal” approach. Others choose an over-arching theme and strictly stick to it. This approach requires discipline. The third approach is to focus on a primary theme and occasionally deviate from it. To develop a loyal following, choose one of the latter two approaches.

Select a platform
You will need a weblog service to publish your blog. A weblog service is software designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of weblogs. One of the most popular and free weblog software services is WordPress. WordPress offers an amazing amount of free features that balances functionality and custom design.

Set up the blog

Once you have created a WordPress account and set up the software, its time to implement your theme. This means choosing colors, number of columns, font type and size, and the overall aesthetic of your blog. It is recommended that you include your picture so that people can humanize your words.

Choose a web hosting service

You will need an established web hosting service that supports WordPress to host your website, which shouldn’t be difficult. You do want an accredited WordPress hosting company that provides reliable and secure web hosting for your WordPress website.

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