How to Make Money Online Blogging


You too can make money online with a WordPress blog. WordPress is a very popular blogging platform, and a favorite among bloggers. You need to set up your own WordPress blog, and not use the free one that is available through It does not allow for affiliate links. It is also best to host your own blogs because you have real control and ownership of them.

To begin, you will want to set up your own hosting account, choose a domain, and install WordPress. In selecting a domain name, be specific about the keyword you use as you will be blogging about a particular topic. Once you have installed WordPress, you will choose a theme, or a look and style for your blog. Plugins are the next logical step in optimizing your blog. There are several excellent free plugins that will help you to automate a lot of your work.

After you have setup your blog, start creating posts that are related to your topic. Focus on unique content, and create posts often. A great way to notify the search engines that you have updated your blog is to ping them after every post. There are also plugins that are useful in adding social bookmarks for each of your blog posts.

To monetize your blog, consider adding advertising revenue from places like Google Adsense, and Chitika ads. You can also add affiliate links for products and services that relate to your blog.

To drive traffic consider article marketing and pay per click marketing. These methods are great for attracting new visitors to your website, and getting the word out. To keep your loyal readers updated and interested in new content that you post to your blog, start an email list. Email lists are excellent ways to maintain and build your traffic goals.

Blogging can be both rewarding and profitable. In order to become a successful blogger, you need to keep your blog updated on a consistent basis, and offer a unique perspective on your topic.

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