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Today, thanks to the internet, starting a business is cheaper and easier. Unlike normal retail business, you can forget about hiring employees or pay for office equipments. If you have physical products to sell, eBay marketplace is the first place that you should try. The potential is huge since you can sell products in the high trafficked eBay website.

On the other hand, if you don’t have your own product, you can try affiliate marketing. It is a unique marketing model where you earn money by promoting other people’s products. It is indeed a hassle-free way to make money online since you don’t need to deal with shipping, payment processing, product creation and customer support.

Generally, an affiliate will be paid each time he or she refers a sale. This can be seen in popular affiliate programs like Clickbank, Paydotcom, Amazon Associates and Commission Junction. Affiliates can gain up to 75% commission depending on the merchants.

CPA marketing is another type of affiliate marketing where the partners will be paid for each lead. In short, the affiliate doesn’t need to sell. He or she just have to send people to sign up for certain trial offers.

While the concept of CPA marketing seems to be easier than normal affiliate programs, it is not easy to get approved. Popular CPA networks usually will review your website and approve your application manually. Usually, your website must receive lots of traffic in order to get accepted.

Once you decide which programs to join, it is time for traffic generation. Keep in mind that only targeted traffic will bring you money, no matter what affiliate products or CPA offers that you are promoting. If the traffic isn’t targeted, nobody will sign up to free trial offers or buy products from your website.

For lots of marketers, search engine optimization is their number one way to obtain targeted traffic on the web. Before optimizing one website, the first thing you need to do is keyword research. Then, create a website with lots of unique content. If you have problem with website creation, you can install a blog using Blogger or WordPress.

Once you have the content created, you need to build several links pointing to your domain name. Usually, content alone isn’t enough since people could dominate your website and push your ranking to the second page of Google search results. One way to get quality backlinks is by using video marketing. You can create a short video with Animoto and upload to Youtube and other popular video sharing sites. Don’t forget to include link to your website in the video description.

PPC advertising is another way to get targeted traffic with no hassle to deal with content creation or link building. If you are new, the first PPC network that you should try is Google Adwords since the traffic volume is huge and the conversion is great.

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