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What is WordPress? It must be an important question for people who desire to start their own website. In layman’s view it’s the software program that you create a website on and then manage your content effortlessly. It’s called a content management system. Utilizing a CMS platform significantly simplifies working with a internet site, from developing to adding new pictures to your posts.

The most recent version of WordPress is named Elvin and it has got a certain number of improvements and new capabilities. Let us learn more details about WordPress 3.5 that has been released quite recently.

WordPress has a reputation of one of the most popular and high demand content management systems throughout the world. It’s well known for its easy installation that should acquire only about five minutes. WordPress 3.5 was released in December 2012. You may inquire:” What is WordPress improving now?” Well, we would like to notice that the up-to-date version of this system was focused on the enhancement of present capabilities, like the theme previewer, plugin installation as well as the media library.

The media uploader’s got a good deal of amazing enhancements. The interface was simplified, so even novices won’t have troubles with it. Now you’ve got a button “add media” and it makes your process of uploading different media formats much simpler.

This feature will let you to drag and drop files using a special “drops zone”, it’s rather convenient and it makes your work with media files quicker. It is possible to also use a more regular way of adding data by clicking the button “select files”.

It also has to be mentioned that the new WordPress has the new theme called twenty twelve. This theme will perform well on various viewport sizes, for example, computer screens, smartphones, iPads and so on.

Twenty twelve has a better layout, a template for a home page and numerous options for widgeted areas and columns.

One more reality is that WordPress {developers team has finally begun to get rid of antiqued items such as the Link manager. For individuals who still need it it’s possible to download the Link manager in the plugin form.

By the way, your work with plugins will become easier in WordPress 3.5. Now you may use the new feature of this system called “Favorite plugins”. Just enter your username and see all your favorite plugins right within your admin dashboard. You’ll be able to thus install them in a few clicks.

Speaking of the dashboard, it has also been fixed a bit. It’s still may seem a weak spot for new users, but WordPress developers made it less difficult to do the common things like setting up a theme, creating a static page (like About Us page) and so on.

So if this looks like a good choice for your website and you decide to migrate to WordPress from your current CMS, you’ll need to work with special services or take on the tough job on yourself. Use a web based service CMS2CMS to make the method of WordPress migration easy. You will be able to import all the website content to the latest WordPress and start your personal study of all the new features very swiftly and effortlessly.

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