Internet Marketing Strategies: Which Strategy Do I Choose?


There are thousands of internet marketing strategies. The internet moves at a very fast pace and new ideas are introduced constantly. To be an effective internet marketer it is necessary to keep up with the moving trends and innovations of the industry.

Internet marketers introduce new online ideas and products every day through launches and other promotional efforts. The big marketers usually start promoting their product weeks before it is released to build up anticipation. They form joint ventures with other marketers who promote their product.

These joint venture partners get a commission from the sale and promote the product to their list of customers. They usually attach a bonus to the product launch in order to make the sale more attractive. It sometimes ends up in what seems to be a war of the bonuses among the joint venture partners to try to offer the best bonus and make the most sales.

The main aim of any internet marketing strategy is always to attract traffic to a business. Whatever the product or the new hottest invention, it is always about driving traffic. Without traffic of interested buyers, there are no sales.

Let’s look at some commonly used and effective internet marketing strategies. Here are some ways to start driving traffic if you are just starting in internet marketing:

1. Join an affiliate program. Affiliate programs offer products that are already made that you can sell for a commission. There are several places where you can find affiliate products to promote such as Clickbank, Paydotcom, Commission Junction, and others. Affiliate programs usually offer a 50 percent or more commission on their products. So search for a product that is selling well in one of these places I just mentioned. You get your affiliate link for the product or products that you choose and advertise that link.

2. Create a blog. Set up a website or a blog, which will be your home. Go to WordPress and get a free blog. You can have it hosted by WordPress but it is better to host it on a paid server such as Hostmonster or Hostgator, so you can have full control over your blog. Otherwise, WordPress can decide what you can post on it and can make you take it down if they don’t like it.

3. Write articles. Start filling up your blog with content, or articles. Write articles related to your niche and create links in your articles promoting your affiliate products. You post these articles on your blog as well as on article directories and bookmarking sites. This way the articles get distributed over the internet and ranked by the search engines. This is a great way of advertising and it is free.

4. Post promotional material. Post other promotional materials on your blog. Products usually bring promotional materials that you can use, such as banners, ads, etc. Post these on your blog as well, so that when people click on them they are taken to the product page. Make sure your affiliate link is inserted in the banner, or else you will not get the commission if the sale is made.

This is a basic internet marketing strategy that many people use. From there, let it take you where it may. You may find that you are attracted to certain marketing strategies that you find. But this is a good common starting ground. Even though it is simple, it does involve learning and dedication, and you will discover other strategies along the way.

There are so many different internet marketing strategies coming out every day that it gets a little overwhelming, especially for a beginner. There are thousands of offers and everyone is promising to make you rich. And you may find yourself going in a thousand different directions. This is a problem that a lot of beginners face. So be aware of this.

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