Is Static HTML Still Your Method of Design?


Surely you are not still using static HTML to design your various affiliate reviewing sites? From personal experience, I know well how much time is required to create a static HTML page. To do each web page of an entire website from start to finish will require an entire week. You will be required to redo your designs yet a second time, if you decide that you want to make a few alterations or add some other web pages. This is ridiculous and way too much trouble!

In my opinion, I suggest the use of Content Management System or CMS to develop your site. A number of CMS exist that do not charge a dime, such as Plone, Joomla, WordPress, Xoops, and others. The majority of CMS are free to use for anyone!

Personally, I have developed many WP review websites and have found it very easy to do. It is no longer necessary to employ page designing instruments to create any page of a website. Simply put WordPress in your domain, set up a SQL database, pick a decent theme, and put on any necessary plugins. Your review website will be ready to go in no time at all!

Some themes are better than other for developing review websites. Make sure your theme is correctly optimized and set up as the home page. Are you wondering what you need to focus on when developing a theme?

Here are my suggestions as to what to focus on:

1. Up on the top of your homepage, you should eliminate navigation.

2. Turn off any widgets. There should be nothing the takes your visitors away from your theme.

* For better readability, be sure to use a light-colored or even white background with black text.

4. Categorize the posts sequentially. Your best selling item should be on the very first post. After that, categorize the other posts in descending order by popularity.

Those were only a couple of ideas to get your WP review site up and running. For constructing review sites, you must locate some appropriate themes, as well as a few good related plugins.

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