Magento vs. WooCommerce: Which Platform Serves You Better?


The primary need of every eCommerce business is to look for a platform that would support the framework and layout of their business online. Even though there are numerous services and platforms available, it is difficult to choose the best option. However, with the current scenario and the latest trends two services have rapidly emerged as the most popular mediums that support all the needs of eCommerce business, Magento and WooCommerce. Both the services are used globally by large user-base that even comprise of developers, but both have their distinct features and qualities that sets them apart from one another. Let us find out about both the platforms to help you decide which one suits your needs.

Features and Functionality

When we talk about Magento the biggest advantage is that of running multiple stores with one consolidated back end. For instance, if you are working on multiple projects and having more than one website for various products or services you will still see it all on same back end. The ability to filter and organize products on the basis of stores and attributes is yet another advantage offered by Magento.

Those who are keen on working with this platform would need to get familiar with the tools offered; this can take a bit of time. It all depends on your learning curve. The extensions offered by this software are a bit expensive as compared to WooCommerce extensions. However, advance developers prefer working with Magento for its tools, extensions, customization and ability to offer consolidated platform for multiple projects.

If you are a SMB owner you might like to prefer WooCommerce with its easy to work with tools. It is more like software that enables in selling stuff online minus the complexity. The option is good to go for those who are new to working with solutions for their eCommerce. What makes it simple to  work is the WordPress plug-in. This works well for those who want a simple online presence. It offers all the basics that include shopping cart, rates, shipping methods and tax rates and notification options.  

Hosting Requirements

Magento is a great software platform to work with, especially when it comes to space and server power. This is what makes it highly demanding amongst business users who are looking for robust software that can support their large eCommerce business, product requirements, handle complexity of designs and other such software intricacies. For all this you need to carefully consider a server provider who will offer large disk space and a promise of great performance.

For a small and efficient solution that does not require large disk space, WooCommerce is the best solution. It is designed to serve light structure and acquires little disk space. This means that one can easily run it on bare-bones platform without any hassle of guzzling up large space in GB.

Budget Constraints

Magento and WooCommerce are available for free initially. However, for those desiring extensions, plug-ins and expansive functionality the development costs are likely to escalate. It is more about providing what is best for businesses looking for a solution that will help them with supporting dozens of plug-ins and thousands of products. On the other hand WooCommerce might be budget friendly, but then you are left with limited options and functionality. This solution is best for those who are under budget constrain.


When creating a website, one must consider if it is an informational website or a website that is into selling products. This is essential consideration as when you are looking for serious product marketing online you need a hard-core technology offered by Magento. If you are looking for an informational website with more content then WooCommerce is the best option considering the WordPress integration that is easy to use with its CMS in place.

Which is the best option?

Looking at the features and functionality of Magento and WooCommerce, it is difficult to pin down to one option. However, for user convenience a basic solution with minimum plug-ins WooCommerce is good. For those who want an impressive online presence, numerous products to display, want to create a global impact are into hard-core eCommerce business, they should prefer using Magento. The reason why Magento is often considered as the best option for a platform is the limitless functionality, tools, customization, plug-ins and many more such features that come handy for supporting the entire structure. It is all about multiple stores that are controlled and managed via single admin interface.

At the end it is up to you to choose a platform that better defines your business online and suits your requirements. 

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