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Unique headers are extremely important for any blog. You should consider creating a custom WP Blog header graphic before using a free one. There are many reasons why.

When you have a blog on your website your header graphic is the first thing people are going to see. Your header graphic needs to be professionally designed so people have an immediate impression on your blog when they come to it. Choosing a free header graphic is not as professional and they Do not look as good as what you can configure through WP Blog. It only takes less than 5 seconds to give a web surfer a good or bad impression. Most impressions are gathered by the header graphic the user sees on the site. That is why your header graphic needs to be the best.

A WP weblog top head graphic custom design can be clickable. You can make it interactive to take the user to another webpage that you want it to lead to like your website. You can add navigation to your top head graphic custom design. You can also rotate top head graphic custom design images. You can also hide the top head graphic custom design text. Most of the sites you can configure a no charge top head graphic custom design do not include the functionality like the WP weblog does. In addition, you may not be able to hide the text also.

WordPress allows you to design your header. You can add a logo or a photo to your header if you want. WordPress is responsible for many award-winning headers on the web and you should consider using this tool for your header also. You can customize your header exactly the way that you want it to look. Most of the free header sites give the same look and feel for all of their headers. You don?t have the opportunity to be too creative with your header.

A WP Blog header graphic is a simple piece of code by default. When you make changes to the header graphic you Do not have to change the code. You will make the changes through the tool provided and WP Blog will do the rest.

If you don?t have graphics but you know you want to add an image or some artwork to your header then you can choose from a large bank of images and styles provided by WordPress. You can have a professional looking header that includes images and artwork with your selected text as a layover on them.

If you are replacing a header graphic that is within a WP Blog theme then you need to be sure the sizes match. Most of the WP Blog Unique headers are about 192 x 740 pixels. You might need to make modifications to the sizes if you choose a size that is smaller or larger than the original specification.

WP weblog Unique headers are the best option for your weblog. You can configure your top head graphic custom design to look professional which will give your readers an immediate impression about you and your business. Do not use one of the no charge Unique headers. Make something unique for your company.

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