Need to build a website or redesign it? WordPress is the perfect way.


WordPress platforms is the most popular publication in world’s, and is currently estimated to supply 17.6 percent of all the sites. It is very customizable, very easy to use and probably the best part, it is completely free, making it an obvious choice for anything a simple site to a portfolio of design on line.

Since the dawn of the Internet age, companies have been trapped in the cycle of redesign website.

Every five years, a CXO decides the site design is looking “tired” and needs to be rethought. Often, the company pays little regard for whether the new design will improve the results. “It’s new,” they think, “it must be better, right?”

Many have been fooled into believing that a redesign of the site will improve conversions and revenue. It is common to assume a sleek new design that follows the accepted “best practices” of the day will increase customer confidence and sales rates

What is the best way to redesign a WordPress blog without losing existing content ?

The new website design that I build will be very different from the old (totally new look, new pages , new categorization system , etc. . ) The problem is that my client wants to keep all blog posts and user information the old site. The way I see it, I have two options :

OPTION 1: Create a new installation and start building my new theme. If I do a fresh install , then I can export the messages from the old site and import them into the new one, but I’ll lose all the pictures and media. There are many posts with lots of photos , and it is not possible for me to go through and all Reupload . If it was easier to move media files between WP installs , this is the option I would go with .

OPTION 2 : Build a custom theme and test the theme plugin Test Drive I build . But if I go this route, once I activate the new theme , I ‘ll have to go in and create new pages, reorganize menus, and rearrange categories. And I ‘m going to do all this while the site is online, which is very confusing for visitors. I ‘d rather just return the transition from the old site to the new .

Anyone have any ideas on how best to go about it? Is there a third way that I have not considered ?

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