Niche Blogging: a Profitable Online Business


If you aren’t niche blogging, you are missing out on a booming business, not to mention the latest trend in Internet marketing. Everyone is blogging these days – even your Grandparents are probably blogging if they have a computer!

While niche blogging is fun, it is also a business that has really taken off. It is possible, and many people are, in fact, making a full-time living simply by blogging each and every day. Don’t you wish you could spend thirty minutes or so a day writing an entry for your blog and then go do the things you really enjoy in life? You can if you learn how niche blogging works.

There is blogging – and there is niche blogging. Niche blogging is the most profitable form of blogging. Here is how it works: First, you do some keyword research to find out what the popular trends are. You set up a niche blog and then find affiliate products to promote. It’s best to write fresh content daily. In addition to writing content for your niche blog, you need to market it. Then you sit back and collect the money. Sounds simple, right?

Well, once you get the hang of it, it is simple – but starting out takes a little more work, and a lot more thought – starting with the keyword research that you need to do. What niche will be profitable for you? With millions of people blogging about literally, millions of topics, the more unique your topic is, the better you will do. Even if your topic isn’t unique, your content should be unique so you can compete with the other bloggers in your niche.

That part isn’t so simple – finding your niche. Start by finding out what the most popular keyword searches are in the search engines. Do a search for those keywords using RSS feed software or using a search engine – type in the keyword followed by the word blog or RSS. How many people are blogging? If the keywords are popular, there are probably hundreds or thousands of blogs in that niche already. Can you use any of those keywords and create a unique blog? If so, go for it, if not, keep searching.

Think about your own interests. If you are interested in a particular hobby or topic, the chances are good that thousands or even millions of other people are. What is your favorite reality television show? People blog about Survivor, and some of those blogs have a huge following. This goes to show you that even if you do choose a topic that many people are blogging about, you can still make it unique enough to become quite popular.

Other ways to find popular and potentially profitable niches is uses Google Hot Trends to see what people are searching for. Twitter also has it’s own “Trending Topics” and is a good way to find out what is hot and being talked about.

Setting up your niche blog is simple. First you need to choose a domain. Choose your domain carefully and try to get a domain that includes your main keywords. Get a webhosting account, with cpanel and Fantastico, and install a WordPress blog using Fantastico – literally takes a couple of minutes. WordPress is my favorite blogging platform. You want to avoid using blogging servers that host your blog. You can lose months of work hosting on a blog server if they decide to delete your blog.

Next you need to choose an attractive WordPress theme. There are themes to choose from, both premium commercial themes and free themes. Once your theme is installed, you need to add your Adsense and ads for the products you are going to promote.

Now you’re ready to start your niche blogging career, so jump on the niche blogging bandwagon and start earning some money!

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