Premium Themes or Free Themes


Going back to the design part, WordPress is actually one of the best in terms of website templates or themes. There are two kinds of WordPress themes that we’re about to compare, and what would be their differences in terms of quality and style.

Free WordPress themes are more in basic and simple design. The structure of the theme is almost near as the default theme and it is easy to be customized by you or the programmer. When you edit the title of your blog, the name will change automatically. But take note that free themes are not that attractive to the readers compare to the premium ones.
Premium WordPress themes are the advanced style of themes that are more unique, stylish and in high quality. Since premium themes are better than free themes, it’s very difficult to edit or customize them. There are times that the header part is too difficult in changing the name, and it needs you to customize the header through Adobe Photoshop or any designer platform. This is much more professional and attractive than the free ones, and it catches a lot of your visitors’ attention.

When it comes to design, premium WordPress themes are the way to go. They are designed by the best designers in the field and blow any free themes away.
Many free themes contain poorly coded theme files and can also contain bad code. This code is bad for your site because it can slow it down, as well as hurt your search engine rankings.
One of the best things about premium themes is they often contain advanced features that are not found in free themes. These features allow you to show off your features articles, place your Twitter updates in your sidebar, and integrate your Feedburner link for both your feed and email updates.

Premium WordPress themes have become a very good way for up and coming designers to provide services that they are passionate about. There are many theories as to what constitutes a premium WordPress them compared to a free theme.
What you have to ask yourself is if a premium theme is necessary for your blog. If you are doing blogging for fun for friends and family then there will probably not be much point in spending money on a particular theme. However if you are a budding internet marketer, then having something exclusive may be of benefit to your business.

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