Scripting VS Programming VS Coding- Differences you’ve always wanted to know


Ever since web development came into existence, people with a creative bent of mind started opting for building a career in the same. Whether it’s about developing websites or web applications, these individuals are making every possible effort to get acquainted with the technical jargons that need to be used frequently during the web development process. Three such terms that are often used interchangeably include: Scripting, Coding and Programming. My aim behind writing this blog is to make you familiar with the key differences between these three terms that are commonly used among novice as well as professional web developers. I’ll be taking up each term individually.

Scripting- What all does it entail?

Referred to an incomplete or limited language, scripting is used for collaborating different applications together. Some popular examples of scripting languages are: ActionScript, JavaScript and Shell Script. Traditionally, a scripting language was mainly utilized for performing some quick form validations and/or scrolling text on the web browser. Today, in order to build a JavaScript based application, you need to have a detailed understanding of design patterns that need to be used on the front-end as well as the back-end.

Let’s take an example of ActionScript. Having being introduced as a scripting language, ActionScript is based on a frame by frame concept that is used for creating games and movies. Today, ActionScript 3.0 isn’t regarded as a scripting language but as a full-fledged language that can be compiled and run on the ActionScript virtual machine.

Coding- What all does it entail?

Well, the job of a coder expects him/her to code from one web language to another. For example, as a coder you might be required to code from English to Java. While coding, you actually translate your project requirements into the language that your application will eventually run on.

Programming- What does it entail?

The term ‘programming’ refers to the process wherein you frame a set of instructions that need to be executed while the application is in the running state. For example, if you want an app to wake you up at 5:00am, then you need to program it in that way. By making specific changes to the already programmed set of instructions, you can tell the app to perform a whole new task.


Well, looking at the key differences between scripting, coding and programming, it is quite clear that all the three are indeed the same with one major goal i.e. providing a set of instructions, an environment like PC etc. for the application to perform the desired tasks. Despite the kind of language you use for accomplishing your web development project, a good knowledge about these three terms- scripting, coding and programming will definitely aid you in meeting your purpose quickly and much more effectively. Being a web developer since five years from now, I’d recommend you to have a detailed understanding of all the other jargons/terminology that are used during web development. Failure to do so can leave you with an incomplete know-how about your profession, refraining you from being able to deliver successful web solutions and services.

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