Subscribers Magnet And Email Marketing Can Increase Traffic And Affiliate Earnings


There are several ways to get traffic and make money on auto-pilot. One way would be to use email marketing. You can start a WordPress blog and activate Subscribers Magnet plugin to increase the opt-in rate of your blog visitors.

The more emails you collect, the more money you will make. If you don’t use Subscribers Magnet plugin, you will lose several sales. These are some advantages of email marketing:

1. Your potential customers won’t forget about you and your product.

Research had proved that email marketing can increase the conversion rate up to 10%. However, if you don’t collect emails, the conversion rate would be at most 2%. Most of them will leave without buying anything.

Email marketing and follow-up messages is one way connect and keep in touch with prospects on the internet. Just like offline business where you need to contact clients many times before they made the decision, the same goes for email marketing on the net.

2. By collecting emails, you can offer them more relevant products.

There are several reasons why one person is not interested in buying one product. One reason would be he already buy it somewhere else. For example, let say you are promoting Hostgator web hosting to your subscribers. If the person already a customer of Hostgator, he won’t buy it. If you collect his emails, you have the chance to refer another relevant product. For example, website promotion service, instead of web hosting.

The good thing is, as affiliate marketer, you don’t need to create the products or services from scratch. Just sign up for any affiliate program for free and you are ready to go. Think like your target customers and understand what they really want.

3. Lifetime customers.

There could be billions of web user everyday. However, only a small portion of the number is real customers. While the rest are just freebie seekers. As you can see, the number of buyers on the internet is somewhat limited.

This is the reason why smart marketers and gurus collect their customers’ emails. They don’t want to lose valuable customers. By collecting emails, they can increase total number of customers from time to another. They can simply promote the latest products as an affiliate.

4. Generate more viral traffic.

One simple way to encourage more visitors and traffic is by providing quality content in your newsletter. You need to write good articles, include your website URL at the bottom and encourage your readers to pass the content to anyone he knows. This way, you can expect to get more traffic and visitors for long term.

Do you want to increase the conversion rate? Subscribers Magnet can help you. For more information, log on to Subscribers Magnet website .

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