The Features of WordPress


WordPress is a very powerful content management system because it takes most of the coding out of your hands and does it all behind the scenes all while enabling you to simple ‘point and click’ until you get what you want.

There are many options with WordPress and in fact because of its popularity a large industry has been created to sell WordPress themes which, once installed, immediately give your website a new look and depending on the theme, a more diverse set of options to make WordPress even more flexible.

The backbone of WordPress is the integrated text editor that allows you to compose articles and content from right within the framework of WordPress. This is cool because that means you don’t have to cut and paste and worry if the formatting is going to work on your website like it worked in your text editor.

The “media” tab in WordPress is really cool too because it lets you transfer any kind of media you want from you computer to your server without having to use a traditional FTP client. With a few simple clicks you can upload everything from the pictures of your latest trip to Cancun or that video of you daughter taking her first steps.

There’s another option on the dashboard that helps you include links to other websites a lot easier. This is nice because it give your viewers a better experience when they come to your site. They can then access other resources that might help them answer their question.

A great feature included on the WP dashboard is the comments tab. The tools and settings included in this tab gives you the power to turn on or off comments on your articles and if they’re then you can choose to have them moderated to that nothing gets published that you don’t approve yourself.

This is just a small part of all the things that WordPress can do and I’ll do my best to cover more of them in my next article.

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