The Secret Affiliate Marketing Amazon Method : The Amazon Success Principles — Part 2


In part one, I talked about reasons why you want to consider selling and marketing Amazon products over digital products, in this final article installment I’m going to
reveal a very simple plan to take advantage of the Amazon system in a LEGAL way
to make you money.

First, you need a good product to promote. Ideally, you want to stick with high-ticket products like vacuum cleaners or designer shoes. Stick with the “Over $ 100” rule. The only time you want to sell products LESS than $ 100 is to boost commission percentage from 4% to 6.5%. Sell 20 “Under $ 100” items fast for the bigger commission payments.

Second, go through Amazons database and find a product to sell that is popular and has at LEAST 5 more similar products to promote.

Again, stick with the “Over $ 100” rule, has OVER 10+ reviews (perfect indicator it’s a good seller), and has a rating above 3 stars.

Third, Be sure your product is being searched on Google. Take the name of the
product you want to market and run it through Google’s Adwords tool. If the product
get’s 4 – 5,000 searches a month write an article for it.

Fourth, write at least 5 articles by yourself or outsource it. Take one article and post it on a wordpress self-hosted blog and let the rest drip feed over the period of one month.

Towards the end of the article, you want to put something like:

“I give product xxxx a 4 out of 5 stars and highly recommend your xxxx through this link here.”

Fifth, get your main website indexed using OnlyWire to speed up the process (or outsource it).

Sixth, slowly build links to your website.

Don’t get overzealous and follow harmful advice like “build links FAST”. This can
lead to your Amazon page being blacklisted and generating little if any traffic. A few
link building sources you can use are social bookmarks, blog comments, and profile packets.

Seventh, when you’re up and running and making money with affiliate marketing, focus on what’s profitable and discard what’s not. It’s obvious, but it’s so easy to think every niche works the same for every audience.

Duplicate the winners and improve on the winners. Forget about re-inventing the wheel of straying to far outside of what you know is profitable for you. If you don’t know anything about medical supplies or how to market it, don’t build an Amazon website about it.

This marks the end of the “Secret Affiliate Marketing Amazon Method ” two part series.

I’m confident you’ll take this info and explode your bank account hundreds of times over until you get bored of making easy money, because this method really IS easy to apply.

It’s not rocket science, but it can give you rocket income in a short period of time. I wish you the best of luck, although I hesitate to say it because I know you don’t need it when the method to making money with affiliate marketing works by itself.

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