Tips for Creating a Blog Design That Gets Attention


One common factor among all successful blogs is they all have a powerful design statement. The following are some way to make such a design statement on your own blog.

Your blog’s design should help you grow your readership while giving your readers a good feel. You should be doing everything you can to promote your feed to get more subscribers because a firm subscriber base is the key to a successful blog. Your subscription options should fit neatly into your blog without being shoved into your readers’ face. Just make it simple and easy for anyone interested to notice your feed options and subscribe without any problem. If your RSS button is hidden in the footer or sidebar, it can be frustrating for your readers. It shouldn’t be hard work for people who want to subscribe to your blog.

Secondly, don’t make your readers have to hunt for the search box. Some bloggers would rather have an orderly and minimal search box instead of a sound navigation system, and even those which have a concentrated navigation system running might still wish to have the search box to assist their readers in discovering materials. What does this imply? Your blog’s search bar should be simple to come across and the readers shouldn’t have to hunt for it. A lot of blogs out there have the search box down below in the sidebar of the blog, while you should aim to have it above the fold. Wherever you decide to locate the search box, just make sure that it’s simple and uncomplicated to find.

Design is a process, however, that is ongoing. There is no benchmark that marks the end of the process. So you will need to keep innovating your blog’s design. So enjoy the process of improving your blog’s design, applying new changes, and getting feedback from your readers. Over time you’ll notice that your blog’s design will evolve into a strong influence and you’ll be able to make your blog more effective with time. You’ll notice other successful blogs are still making improvements to their designs. To sum up, out of the aforementioned article it becomes plain that in order to get the most from your blog, it’s critical for you to concentrate on creating a design that is attractive, alluring and makes it jut out from the crowd.

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