Tips To Start Earning Commissions With Affiliate Marketing


A good way to quickly and easily make money from home is affiliate marketing on the Internet. Anyone can start earning commissions with affiliate marketing with the tips in this article

You will want to spend some time researching affiliate offers to promote. Your goal is to find offers you can promote in a niche that is in demand and that you will earn good money on.

You can join most affiliate programs for free. I suggest starting with Amazon, Clickbank, Commissions Junction, and Google Adsense. This will give you plenty of ways to make money.

After you have done that here are a few more tips that are important to follow.

1. Set up your own website. This shows you are a serious affiliate marketer. You can use it to market multiple affiliate offers as long as they relate to your niche.

You should set your site up as a WordPress blog. Host it at Host Gator or any quality hosting company that has the Fantastico Program so you can set up your new blog without any technical expericene.

2. Publish an email newsletter. This is a good way to build your email list.

Over time as your list grows you can offer your affiliate products to it. With repeat exposure your subscribers will come to trust you which will increase your conversion rate and help you make more money.

Use an autoresponder such as Aweber to store you subscriber names and email addresses in. Set up your eNewsletter in advance so it automatically goes out when you want to publish it. Again this does not take any technical experience to do.

3. Write and submit articles. Article marketing is a good way to get traffic and build backlinks to your new site.

I personally use Submit Your Article for this. You can create unique versions of your article this way. You can also reach multiple directories with one click.

They now offer a blog network to submit your articles to. You can hyperlink 2 keyword phrases in the body of your article. This will give you more traffic and backlinks.

4. Trade links. This is not as popular as it once was. However trading links with high PR sites is a good way to increase the value of your site to search engines.

Follow these tips to start earning commissions with affiliate marketing. It is not hard to do and there are millions of people just like you doing it everyday all over the world. Most affiliate programs are free to join and easy to find.

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