Top 5 Tips to Make the Best Ecommerce Checkout Page


You aspire to have the best design for an ecommerce store and expect lots of conversions with a simple and easy checkout page. The most important thing is to leverage WordPress web development services for designing the best ecommerce store. The next big thing that ensures your store is a huge success is that none of the customers put things in the shopping cart and then leave it there forever. There should be a strategy to entice them to complete the checkout process.

In this article, you are going to find the best tips for having the perfect e-commerce checkout page. Just like a salesman whisper things in our ear and convince us to buy things, have a checkout page that does the job of the salesman. Take a look at some amazing tips to create the best Ecommerce site with WordPress.

1. Make the checkout page difficult to leave: There are lots of companies offering Ecommerce Web Development in Dubai, seek assistance from the experts who know how to assure a focused experience via the checkout page. The trick is to create a checkout page that lacks header, navigation bar or sidebar. WordPress has many themes that can create checkout page just like the landing page without any option to exit. When customers will not be distracted by other options, they will be more determined to complete the checkout process rather than just closing the window with lots of items in the shopping cart.

2. Allow checkout without user registration: Even though there are lots of benefits of registering with the store, but to be very honest none of us like to spend extra minutes in signing up from buying a product online. When we force customers to sign up, it becomes the greatest conversion killer. As an alternative, try simple shop themes in WordPress that makes the page look clear, easy to understand and users can make a purchase without registering.

3. Cut back the number of fields for checkout: Now that you allowed users to continue the purchase without registering, you should also keep in mind that higher number of input amounts and a lengthy form for checkout can also distract the users. When we have lesser things to do, we will be able to complete it soon; it’s the general psychology. So try to limit the number of inputs, don’t ask for fields that are not relevant to the shopping decision. Besides, if you want billing information that is mandatory, try to ask in different steps.

4. Make your customers feel secure: Latest themes in WordPress are secure for e-commerce stores. Thus it is the best platform to create checkout pages that are safe and sound. WordPress web development services offer the ease of development of SSL enabled websites that are requisite if you are accepting direct payment on the website. The design tips to cater a sense of security with WordPress is to provide images of the list of accepted payment services and put the information in a separate box with a different color theme.

5. Ensure the credibility of the checkout process: You can do it by reassuring the quality of the product your customers are going to purchase and another smart option is to provide financial reassurance in the form of refund policy and terms and conditions page. WordPress comes with lots of e-commerce plug-ins that offer the ease of redirecting the customers to the terms page or displaying images for easy refund policy.

The best tip to ensure that customers happily complete the checkout process is to advertise comfort, ease, and security. Follow these tips, utilize the latest WordPress e-commerce themes and plug-ins, and you will be able to develop the best store with an excellent checkout page.

Bindu Mishra Dubey is working with a leading digital agency. The writer has flair for writing and she keeps on writing various articles and blogs related to the industry. She wrote this article to educate her readers about WordPress Web Development Services. To know about Ecommerce Web Development in Dubai, click on the links.