Using Affiliate Marketing and Adsense Together for Profit


The hottest thing in the whole marketing world today is Adsense and Affiliate marketing.

At present, there are four most important affiliate site models which will help you to build your own website with Adsense and affiliate marketing. Each of them has its own needs and importance.

The four types of sites are as follows:

– Customary Niche Content Website

The very first type of site you can build is the customary or traditional niche content website. In this method you will have to create a site from scratch. For this you need to make (or purchase) a template, put some content in it and finally add your Adsense and affiliate links. If you don’t know how to create a template then download it or ask someone to do it for you. Also you can extract contents from directories that have free reprint articles. Just be sure to leave the author’s resources at the end of the article.

– A Blog

The next site that you can build is a blog. A blog actually needs no introduction as many of you may already know about it. Blog are free to establish and maintain. If you wish for a free blog then visit and choose whichever you want. Blogger blogs are good for people that don’t have their own domain name. I prefer to use the free WordPress blog because can shut down your site with no warning. But you have you to make some changes before you include Adsense and affiliate links to it. Further add content to it. Then you need to post your blog on daily basis for the initial month and three times a week in the second month so that everything works smoothly.

– An Article Directory

The third site is an article directory. Your website visitors can add their own articles which will help you build content without writing it yourself. You will have to use a script on your own website server for an article directory. There are some free ones available. Just type “free article directory script” into Google.

There are a lot of article directory sites so you would have a lot of competition in this area. You might want to start a niche directory about a hobby or other interest of yours.

– Establish a Forum

The last site that you might want to consider is a forum. Establishing a forum can be really very lucrative as it will also attract more visitors who need answers to their questions.

All the above mentioned methods of building functional sites can prove very effective and profitable by using both Adsense and affiliate marketing. One of the best things about these types of sites is that they can product a good income with proper promotion.

You may think that it is really simple to make money with online marketing, but it is not as easy as it sounds. But, if you put in the time and effort necessary, you will make it a success.

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