Using Images and Graphics to Attain Exceptional Branding Power


Times have very much changed on the planet of internet style and design. Internet designers have huge competition. Users are choosy, bounce rates are high, and still content remains king.

How can you maintain guest attention and stay ahead of the vast levels of competition? A fundamental concept: Eye appeal.

In recent years, stock photography and clip art illustration have altered the look of the world wide web. Notably, now the entire word wide web looks the same. Because of wordpress templates and stock grapihcs, graphic design has become just like the manufacturing industry — everything has interchangable parts! How many occasions have you visited a site and recognized the clip art illustration they’re working with simply because their opposition are making use of them as well?

People are visual creatures. You could set all the search engine optimisation you are able to into a website, but it is not going to make any difference if your end users are bored. And users can easily sense whether or not you are authentic. Are you?

Its not in fact that difficult to make your internet site unique. Its just not obvious how to try and do so today. Listed here are some recommendations to break free of the proverbial mold and start standing out from the crowd.

1: Give up utilizing mainstream stock clipart web sites.

If you follow only one tip, let it be this one. I repeat: Cease making use of mainstream stock image sites. People are addicted to these websites — artists together with end users. The outcome is everyone thinks the same, looks the same, plus the whole point of branding is lost.

2: Don’t use a template straight out from the box.

Templates are useful. But much like stock photographs, thousands of other people are utilizing exactly the same ones that you are. Utilizing just a little creativity, you can make several small changes which will change the appearance of the entire template. I do it all the time. It works.

3: Look for unique illustrations on Artist’s personal internet websites an portfolios.

A smart jeweler will travel the globe to seek out the prettiest diamonds. As a website designer, you don’t have to leave your home. Begin doing illustration searches by means of yahoo and google and portfolio websites (like,, etcetera). After you discover clip art that fit your project, make contact with the illustrator. Have him or her do custom work. More than likely they have a lot more art work or pics that fit your mission.

4: Compare your self to your rivals and attempt to be different!

End users can tell a “knock-off” fairly easily. Whether or not its fake watches, clothing brand look-alikes, as well as internet sites, buyers can tell a phony or knock-off. Conversely, don’t underestimate your individual skill to properly design and style a unique theme. Creativeness is one thing many individuals do not possess. Not surprisingly, success comes difficult for them as well. This is because individuals make the assumption that their ideas are worth less than other people’s. Dare to be different, dare to imagine, and you may be successful.

5: Get to know your illustrator.

A precious as well as important attribute has been lost as a result of digital age- Collaboration. Find an artist or two that you find give good results well with your ideas as well as branding as well as keep them handy! They appreciate your business.

6: Establish new trends, avoid previous ones.

As part of your visual branding, don’t presume “the usual principles” of design and branding apply for you. You’ve heard it said, “rules are made to be broken”. Some extremely successful corporations have risen to prosperity with very goofy as well as uncoordinated styles. Actually, this is because it helps make evident that there’s a human being behind the wheel, instead of some vague corporate entity, which consumers are learning to distrust. Imperfection is a mark of individuality.

7: Don’t be like the crowd.

The whole way to stand out from the crowd is to stop thinking, acting, and looking like them. This is becoming increasingly simple on the web. Capitalize on this fact.

Lastly, while you know what you are striving to be, lets just examine what you absolutely DO NOT want to do. Don’t use copy/paste material from stock photo sites and templates in your layout, but instead go out of your way to search out distinct artists and content. Know your objectives and make an active effort to become different from your competition. Know your illustrator and make it possible for your self (and them) independence to create.

That is it! It really is that uncomplicated. Surprisingly, not many individuals have figured out these strategies. If you make use of them, you may be far ahead of everybody else. On the internet today, where social networks are becoming the determinant for your success, appealing to buyers is more important than ever. Toss the oldschool Search engine marketing stuff. Its important, but absolutely not the greatest determinate for your success. Use the above guidelines and your internet site will thrive.

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