Viral Submitter Pro – Step-By-Step Guide To Earn Lots Of Money From Affiliate Programs


If you are into internet business, probably you’ve heard about affiliate marketing. It is one unique business model where you can earn huge commission just by promoting other people’s products. This is perhaps the most suitable business model for beginners for lots of reasons.

You don’t need to worry about shipping, customer support and refund. You can also avoid things like shopping cart and payment processor. All you need to do is promote other people’s products. It cost nothing to join an affiliate program.

So, it is a very lucrative business model which can be done with little or no starting cost. In case you are new to affiliate marketing and clueless on where to get started, the following tips might help you:

1. The first step would be to look for demand. You don’t want to waste time selling something that people don’t want. Plus, you need to understand your potential customers properly. Keep in mind that all niches are not made the same.

One way to find profitable niche would probably by using Google Keyword Tool. It is a free tool from Google. Other tools would probably Market Samurai or Keyword Blueprint. By using these tools, you will get the idea on what most people are searching everyday on the internet.

2. There are lots of factors that you need to consider before choosing one product to promote. One factor would be the sales letter conversion. This is true when you are using Clickbank as your affiliate network. Read the sales letter, see the product gravity. If the sales letter is great, with convincing video, then it probably a good product to promote.

3. It is important to have your own domain name and hosting. You will enjoy more freedom and paid hosting service is more suitable for business since they won’t paste ads all around your website. When registering for new domain name, make sure that you enter relevant keyword phrase to your niche. This will boost your search engine ranking later on.

4. You can build your own website by using Dreamweaver, but the best would be to install WordPress blog together with Platinum SEO plugin. This one is crucial for traffic generation part. Think about the keywords that you want your website to appear in Google or Yahoo. Then, include the keyword inside your blog title, description and meta keyword tags. Then, you can start posting a unique, quality content.

5. Finally, you need to build lots of backlinks. For example, you can submit lots of articles to thousands of directories on the internet. You can also post videos with your website link included in the description. Other source of backlinks would probably press release websites and social bookmarking sites.

Viral Submitter Pro is so powerful that you can submit thousands of articles and press release with just a push of button. Log on to Viral Submitter Pro website for more details.

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