Ways to Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs


People have been selling the opportunity to make money for ages and ages. During the gold rush in the 1800’s, people made fortunes selling shovels to gold diggers; they made more money than most people that dug for gold themselves! It’s not that different in the *ways to make money online* industry.

Of course, you have the people that know how to make money on the internet and are doing very well with it. Then you have the people who come up with all sorts of scams and programs that suck you dry and leave you very angry and sometimes even broke.

Forget about all that baloney, you aren`t a sucker are you? I didn`t think so. There are a lot of ways to make money online and I will mention a few of them here. To start, you do not need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on courses and web design and all that. You can do that later if you need to, after you have already made a plan and preferably, also made some money online.

An easy way to begin is to get a free blog at Blogger or WordPress. These blogs are basically a free webpage that you can get in a few minutes and start posting some advertisements and promote some products as an affiliate perhaps. You can do this with very little knowledge of html.

Affiliate Marketing is an extremely popular way to make money online. Basically, it works like any affiliate program would for an off-line business. You basically promote products for another company on your website or blog. Anybody that goes to that product’s website from your website and buys something, you get paid a nice commission! Best thing about it, it is 100% free to start out in this particular business and promote products via your free blog (website). When you sign up for a blog you get your own domain name.

You can then write reviews about the product you are promoting and at the end of each review include your affiliate link to the product`s site. This link will be specially coded for you so that if anybody clicks on it and then buys something you will automatically get paid your percentage of commission. You can track your sales and clicks from the affiliate program`s website and most companies send out a check once every two weeks or once a month. Some of them pay directly through PayPal and you can have your money immediately!

A popular company that people promote as an affiliate is Amazon. You can link products with pictures and links right on your website, as if you were the store yourself! All you need to do it drive traffic to your site and watch your sales come in. There are many different `niche` markets you can promote to as well, some popular ones are: How To Make Money Online, Weight Loss, Toys for Kids, Fitness, Dating Tips, Travel, Dog Training, etc. Anything that there is a demand for!

I hope that this article inspires you to look around for the more logical and realistic ways to make money online. The best thing you can do is take action. There are some great tips in this article and if you implement them, you will succeed. I wish you all the best of success!

Cynthia Minnaar runs her own successful online affiliate business full-time from home and is also an Online Business Mentor who assists others with ways to make money online.