Web Hosting Companies, Google, And The Decimation Of The Borders Of Countries


Google recently announced that it has decided to launch a space program, it plans to spend about $ 1Billion, to create a web of satellites to enable users to catch the internet everywhere across the globe, even where conventional wired connections are not available. This is a significant step, in the direction of globalization and connecting the world in a closer way. Google is sending a message that, a close connection between people is essential to growth. Finding out what 12 year old children are doing in California, is desirable for 12 year old children in Nigeria. Google wants those oppressed girls in Nigeria to know that genuine freedom exists elsewhere in the world. This is a significant step in the direction of minimizing the cultural and social differences in the world.

We also notice that people are increasingly using the internet for voicing their opinions and expressing themselves in a purely personal manner, by using personal media such as facebook, twitter, instagram and the like.

Given all these advancements, and progresses in technology – small business owners can no longer continue to remain competitive without having an online presence. How can wordpress help you, in this regard ?

WordPress is a script that will assist you to make a website – it gives you an interface that gives you the ease of creating pages and updating pages on a website. Many call it a blog service, but that is frightfully inaccurate – it gives you an interface that gives you a platform to create a website to do anything – not merely blog.

The capability is limitless, wordpress lets you do whatever you want – on your website. You want to accept payments from your customers ? You can do that. You want to publish your content ? You can do that. You want to use google to advertise your products ? You can do that. You want to market your services organically on search engines? WordPress lets you optimize your website for it. You want your users to think the website was independently built and not based on wordpress ? WordPress lets you hide that it was made by wordpress.

By far, wordpress leaves no stone unturned in the attempt to give you everything that you need to put up a website and make it your all encompassing web presence. The key thing then that arises, is an aesthetically pleasing website that you would find acceptable. This is a personal choice. You can design your own theme so to speak on your own, or hire someone to do it, or purchase a pre made theme. Either of these is not a very hard process – it is quite simple actually. A few google searches will reveal that either of those is relatively inexpensive and easy to undertake.

Once you have undertaken these steps, you can market your website online through google and yahoo, or bing. You can pay per click – or you can undertake organic marketing technique, and employ a social media professional. Once you do this, your business will begin to organically grow and you will get new customers through your website itself.

Hope this article helped you to get an overview of why and how you need a web presence and how you can go about doing it.

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