Website Blogging Platforms- Which One Should You Choose?


If you intend to build your site today, you are lucky because there are so many website building tools available for free. With such different programs you can develop various types of sites, from a normal website to web directory. Another common type is web log or often called blog.

There are in fact various platforms that you can choose to build your site in the form of blog. Two most popular are the ones which are provided by and Each has a number benefits and drawbacks. The latter actually is available in two categories: the one which is hosted for you and the one which needs to be installed on your own web hosting.

If you need a blogging platform which is ready to go in minutes then you can use There is no installation process involved. The program is already hosted for you. To put it simply, this blogging tool is very user-friendly and uncomplicated to setup and manage. However, along with all of its pros, there are also some cons.

One of the drawbacks of using blogging services like and is that they cannot be personalized as you like. Although you can change the theme with a few mouse clicks but there is no way for you to modify the code, for instance. Furthermore, you cannot add the functionalities of your blog by installing plugins.

If you have a plan to build a professional site than you should go for the blogging script from By using it you can personalize your blog as you wish. There also exist various themes and plugins that you can use. The drawback is that you are required to install the script on your hosting server. However, considering all of the benefits you can get, it can be said that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

What platform you should choose is completely up to you. It depends on several factors such as the main purpose of your website. If you only want to build a hobby site then a hosting service like is enough to meet your needs. But to develop a professional site to market products online then you should opt for – All about unlimited web hosting such as Hostgator .

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