What is the difference between WP Widgets and Plugins?


Activating widgets as a tool can allow you to tailor-make your WP web log, create a more satisfactory user experience, and help you users navigate through your website. Widgets work sort of like a plugin but are designed to allow a much less convoluted method of changing your blogs sidebar content without having to pick up any HTML code. Think of widgets as accessories that you can add or withdraw from your blogs sidebars.

WordPress is the most popular blogging program in use, partly because of the handiness of widgets and plugins for true customization. WordPress widgets work together with themes and plugins to liberate your creativeness and will empower you to take hold of your web site.

What are these Widgets?

There are three important components to your blogs WordPress template. These are the theme that you pick out for visual aspect, the plugins that will supply particular characteristics to your web log, and widgets that allow you to customize the presentment of your blogs features. We will go over each of these components.

Blog Themes:

A WP theme gives you full mastery over the look and feel for the presentment of your blog. Think of the theme as the outside skin of your blog. It is the theme that provides your website with its one-of-a-kind appearance. Picking Out a theme that corresponds to the content of your blog can greatly step-up the users comfort point when he or she is taking in your site. As a good example, if your blog is about training dogs you should think about using a pet based or a security based theme. The graphics of the new theme will compliment your content. Selecting the appropriate theme also gives your blog an increased sense of credibleness. WordPress themes can be switched in merely a matter of minutes and if you are utilizing a all-purpose theme you should strongly look at upgrading. If you are developing multiple blogs you may profit from buying a bulk package of quality WordPress themes due to the respectable cost savings.

WordPress Plugins:

A WordPress Plugin permits you to add extra characteristics to your blog that will make it much more interactive. A plugin is simply a software script that was prepared to serve a bloggers needs. Once it was tested on that other persons blog it was then prepackaged up for others to also utilize. Almost all non-commercial plugins are free and can be downloaded from the WordPress website. The most common plugins for WordPress render tools that bloggers can use for optimizing your blog for search engine ranking (SEO), adding contact forms, placing news feeds on your blog, handling Adsense advertisements, posting affiliate marketing banners and links into your blog, and statistics packages. There are many thousands of plugins ready and they will permit you to make a popular and interactive blog.

WordPress Widgets:

WordPress Widgets allow for the smooth addition of your design elements and your plugins to your WordPress sidebar. This allows you to truly personalize your blog. Using widgets means that you do not need to interpret HTML, PHP, or any other computer code. Widgets are sort of like a plugin, but widgets are used by the web log’s owner to order the various elements of the blogs message. By going to your WordPress admin panel, you can click on the widgets tool and you will then be able drag and drop many features directly and instantly into your blog. These include archives, search, a list of your most recent posts, a calendar, links to other websites, a tag cloud, recent comments and much more. Using widgets makes personalizing your WordPress blog an easy and simple task.

Why are the blogs sidebars essential?

Sidebars are the smaller-scale columns to the left side or the right side of your blog postings. Themes commonly have at least 1 or 2 sidebars, but can feature 3 or more. Sidebar widgets are the most ignored, but perhaps also the most powerfull component of WordPress. Simply choose the widgets tool to drag and drop features instantly into the sidebar area. Sidebars are as well where most of your advertising takes place, so it is essential to create sidebars with that in memory.

Widgets permit you to easily impart design elements, gadgets, tools, videos, and much more to your WordPress blog. They allow for you to customize your blog without having to spend time learning HTML or PHP. Remember to use the widget tool and it will be simple to take control over your blogs appearance.

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