What Is WordPress


WordPress is one of the most commonly used content management systems, or CMS, for the majority of the websites currently on the internet. Any website that needs to upload or manage content in any way will find that WordPress is the best tool for them to use, as the amazingly flexible CMS is the best tool that will give them to total control over their website.

What is WordPress?

Many people have asked “What is WordPress?” There is a long and a short answer, and the short answer is that WordPress is the best content management system to use for any website. Its main competitor, Joomla, is equally simple to use, but is not as flexible as the WordPress content management system and back end that makes running a website so easier.

The longer answer is that WordPress literally can do anything you need it to do. There really are no limits to what your WordPress website can do, as you can simply download and install a plugin to perform any task that does not come automatically featured by WordPress. Using WordPress is the easiest way to work with a website, no matter how simple or how complex the website may be.

From the moment the website is created, WordPress is involved. As soon as the theme is designed, it is uploaded to the WordPress account as the face of the website. WordPress makes adding and altering themes easy, as it breaks the themes down into different elements for those who are making the modifications to the website. Making changes to a theme is as easy as making a few simple clicks, and the layout of the WordPress control panel is actually incredibly simple.

Once you have you theme in place, you will need to begin adding content, so you will need to make new posts. Adding content to your WordPress site is similar to making a new blog post, and the simple Add New Post page enables you to upload new content in a matter of minutes. You are able to add video and images, and the content is automatically uploaded to the website. You can control what page the content is added to, what category the newly generated web page belongs to, and a host of other details.

Working with SEO is one of the most important aspects of any website’s success, and there is a plugin that is quickly downloaded and installed to make your WordPress website much more SEO friendly. Using more complex video players, polls, forums, contact forms, and every other website essential is easy, as all you need to do is find the right plugin to use with WordPress. WordPress has more features than Joomla does, and the back end of the WordPress control panel is much easier to use. Those with no experience working on the actual programming of their site can get help from the WordPress support, which is available 24 hours a day. In reality, working with a website has never been easier, and, thanks to WordPress, you can get a website up and running with as little effort as possible.

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