What’s Halloween Super Affiliate All About?


If you’re unsure who Brian Johnson is, Brian has created the best online courses today that have showed thousands of people exactly what to do to make money online. As a matter of fact, Brian Johnson is responsible for getting me involved in marketing. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t make the money I’ve been making for over 3 years. Brian has really outdone himself this time. He is finally releasing his masterpiece Halloween Super Affiliate which shows you step by step what he does in the Halloween niche that brings in close to $ 30,000 every fall.

Brian will hold your hand and show you exactly how he’s raked in the cash every Halloween for the past 7 years. Halloween Super Affiliate will have over 20 live webinars that will be lead by Brian Johnson himself, a detailed PDF manual, a ton of videos, WordPress themes that can easily be tweeked, graphic headers to make your site look professional, an online forum for support and questions and access to a link building network that will get your sites ranking quickly.

Brian Johnson is all about organic traffic. As a matter of fact, Brian even admits that he sucks at PPC. But with the money that Brian brings in, Brian has no use for PPC. I followed a bit of advice from Brian last year about targeting Halloween. I built 3 websites in September that ranked well and made me over $ 400. Now imagine if I began promoting Halloween in July with the help of Brian Johnson and everything that he has to offer in this course. I would of make a ten digit figure in 90 days.

Another thing that’s completely awesome about Halloween Super Affiliate is that he is offering a FlexSqueeze WordPress Theme that is extremely easy to customize and make the theme look different every time by just a click of a button.

With 7 years experience in this niche, Brian has also compiled a list of keywords you can easily dominate and make the money that Brian makes.

Don’t let the name fool you, this course can be used in any niche you target.

Learn more about Halloween Super Affiliate , then visit halloweensuperaffilate.com to learn to make $ w/ Halloween Super Affiliate.